The Power of AiGrow: What Can You Expect From This Tool?

In the search for an Instagram growth service, evaluating and comparing options is crucial due to significant variations in the industry. AiGrow stands out for its proactive approach in comparing itself to other services – showcasing its strengths.

Ready to learn more about how this tool can help your Instagram growth?

Dive into one of the most thorough AiGrow reviews for comprehensive insights, detailed just below!

What Is AiGrow?

A screenshot taken from AiGrow's website

 AiGrow is a social media assistant that lets you grow and control your Instagram account right from your phone. The AiGrow app uses an advanced algorithm to connect you with new friends so that your account grows naturally.

The service performs numerous automated tasks. These include the basics, such as like, follow/unfollow, and DMs. You adjust the targeting options, and AiGrow will interact with accounts that fit the description.

It also offers managed Instagram growth and various analytics.

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How Does AiGrow Work?

The AiGrow Instagram tool has various services, and it took me a while to wrap my head around them. The centerpiece is the bot that does all the automated engagement. As I explained, you can set it to like, follow/unfollow, and send DMs to your target accounts. 

Unfortunately, the service doesn’t follow Instagram’s rules, so users were irritated by the lack of results. Some were banned, and others got fake followers that didn’t help their accounts. 

So, how does AiGrow work?

Step 1 – Select a Plan

Whether your primary goal is achieving growth, struggling with consistent content generation, or seeking a comprehensive team to handle it all, we have the perfect plan for you. Our plans start as low as $49/month. Explore all available plans to find the one that suits your needs.

Step 2 – Connect with Your Dedicated Account Manager

Upon subscribing to one of our service plans, you’ll receive a detailed strategy questionnaire and a link to schedule your strategy session. This session is where you collaboratively develop an expert plan for your page, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet your dedicated team.

Step 3 – Initiating Immediate Action

Our team of content planners, designers, and growth managers will jump into action as soon as you’re on board. For Instagram follower growth plans, we begin reaching out to users on the same day to kickstart the process.

Step 4 – Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

Stay in the loop with automated daily activity reports, allowing you to track the actions taken on your account. Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed growth report every week. If you ever have questions or need assistance, your dedicated manager is just a WhatsApp message away, available anytime to address your inquiries.

What Are Company Name Features?

People are also likely to think that AiGrow is a real service because it has a lot of features that seem appealing. Here are some of them: 

GrowthMate – Genuine Instagram Follower Growth

Harness the expertise of our team of human Instagram specialists to boost engagement and foster organic growth for your page. We conduct thorough research on optimal #hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts to connect with the right audience for your content. No Instagram bots, no fake followers – just authentic growth guaranteed. We can also assist in monthly UNFOLLOW activities to declutter your feed. Discover more.

PostMate – Tailored Weekly Content Curation

Elevate your Instagram game with our PostMate program, offering comprehensive services such as design, post creation, and scheduling. Receive personalized content and design plans, along with a dedicated account manager delivering fresh and relevant content to your Instagram page every week. Learn more.

DM Marketing

Leverage the power of Direct Messaging to forge connections with new individuals and convert existing followers into valuable leads and sales. We provide customized solutions for efficient DM management, including precise targeting and consistent, secure messaging.

Mass Unfollow Services

Addressing Instagram ghost, inactive, and fake followers is effortless with AiGrow’s tailored solutions. Your assistant will conduct manual removals and execute mass unfollow plans, ensuring your feed remains clean and vibrant. Bid farewell to inactive accounts and welcome an engaged and active follower base.

What Is Company Name Pricing?

The prices of AiGrow are a bit expensive compared to the service they offer.

If you are confused about the prices or the service, you can schedule a live video call on AiGrow, and they will immediately solve your problem. 

As you can see from their website, their pricing is transparent:

Managed Growth price list
Managed growth plus DMs price list
managed advanced price list
Mass Follow price list
Content creation plans prices

AiGrow vs Flock Social

In order for you to understand AiGrow better, we want to compare it with similar sites. 

There are many sites that help you boost your Instagram account. We don’t want you to be lied to, that’s why we offer you help. 

We decided to compare AiGrow and Flock Social, two sites that work with Instagram followers.

Service Offerings and Features 


AiGrow has tools that help you connect with potential followers by liking and following them on Instagram automatically. You can choose which hashtags, user accounts, or places to target so that your interactions are focused on the people you want to reach.

Flock Social:

Flock Social may offer services that let you interact with possible followers by liking and commenting on their posts.  Flock Social has tools that automatically like and comment on posts from people in your target group. This would help you connect with more people.

Follower Quality


Platforms with a  reputation like AiGrow, would probably use spammy ways to get low-quality or fake fans. These strategies can hurt your account’s reputation and its ability to grow in the long run. 

Flock Social: 

The website made it clear that getting engaged, high-quality followers is more important than getting a lot of followers who don’t interact with you. Flock Social is based on organic growth and only attracts you the real engagement. 

Compatibility with Instagram Rules


Since the followers you gain from AiGrow are not real, they are not compatible with Instagram rules. You can either get banned or restricted on Instagram after using AiGrow.

Flock Social: 

The website is based on organic growth, so the Instagram policy is friendly to them. Flock Social makes sure that you don’t gain followers illegally. 

Long-Term Benefits


Some of the reviews showed that followers gained through AiGrow would disappear in some time. The main reason for this is that Instagram deletes fake accounts. So, don’t be surprised that one day your purchased followers will be gone.

Flock Social:

Since Flock Social uses organic growth, there will be no problem with their followers at all. We’ve seen the Flock Social reviews and non of them said that they lost followers or were scammed.

Final Conclusion for AiGrow

Can you get banned from using AiGrow? 

Yes, you will most likely get banned after using AiGrow. Instagram’s policy will find out that you use fake followers in order to boost your account. This way, you will lose your account, as well as the money you spent on followers. 

Is AiGrow worth the money paid? 

No, AiGrow is not worth the money paid at all. Firstly, their service is very expensive compared to other sites. Spending this much money with the risk that you will lose everything you had before is very risky. 

Can AiGrow give you the results promised? 

In my opinion, AiGrow promises way more than it can provide. The amount of followers and engagement AiGrow offers is far from the results they give. The purchase you made will not be the same as the promise they gave you. 

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend AiGrow?

Absolutely not

This sugarcoated bot will put your account and finances at risk. Chances are that you won’t even get it up and running. There’s not much to add, really. Stick to trustworthy growth services that have results to prove it. 

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