AiGrow Reviews: What Will You Get From It?

When looking for an Instagram growth service, it’s essential to compare it to its competition. There are many companies in this industry, and the difference between some of them is night and day.

AiGrow loves comparing itself to other Instagram growth services. It does it in a way that makes itself look good, of course. 

You can find heaps of “AIGrow vs. Competitor” articles on their website. This is Marketing 101, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Now, what I wanted to know was whether this tool is any better than the rest? Or is it another shady operation?

You’ll find the answers in one of the most comprehensive AiGrow reviews out there. It’s right below!

What Is AiGrow?

A screenshot taken from AiGrow's website

AiGrow is a set of tools that can (supposedly) help you grow your account. The interesting thing about it is that it openly says it’s an Instagram bot, a fact that many similar companies try to hide. 

As you may or may not know, Instagram doesn’t condone the use of bots. 

Will the AiGrow get you banned?

Well, it’s not unheard of.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about what AiGrow claims to do. 

The service performs numerous automated tasks. These include the basics such as like, follow/unfollow, and DMs. You adjust the targeting options, and AiGrow will interact with accounts that fit the description.

It also offers managed growth and various analytics, but more on that later.

There are several issues with this company. 

First, if Instagram detects the bot’s activity, it might block you. Second, the tool doesn’t seem to work at all for some users. Third, customer support doesn’t reply when people ask for refunds.

I know that this doesn’t sound promising. 

But, it gets even worse.

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How Does AiGrow Work?

The AiGrow Instagram tool has various services, and it took me a while to wrap my head around them.

The centerpiece is the bot that does all the automated engagement. As I explained, you can set it to like, follow/unfollow, and send DMs to your target accounts. 

Besides the basic automation, AiGrow offers unusual features like All-In-One Bio Link, Social Monitoring, and Post and Reward. I’ll explain what they are in a minute.

They also have dedicated managers for the more expensive subscriptions. 

All of the above would be great if it worked well and didn’t violate Instagram’s rules. Users who managed to get it running received either fake followers or Indian accounts.

How To Use AiGrow?

Getting started with AiGrow is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Sign Up for free on

2. Connect Instagram account/s.

3. Click “Manage Account.”

3. Adjust the targeting options.

4. Check the list of target users.

5. If you comply, click “Continue.”

4. Click “Start Growth.”

AiGrow Features

This tool doesn’t lack features; I’ll tell you that. It’s loaded with options and things that you can tweak and adjust. Here are the most important ones:

Automated Engagement

This is the main and most problematic feature. It likes, follows, and DMs your target audience, as I explained before. It’s nothing new.

So, what’s the problem with it?

There are good chances that you’ll get action blocked or banned for using it.

If you cross the daily engagement limits, it’ll certainly detect you. But, even if you use the feature sparingly, you’ll still be at risk.


The targeting is done using hashtags, location, and account names. You can even upload a list of account names if you want. 

Before running automated engagement, AiGrow will let you see the list that it created. You can scroll through it and see if the profiles on it fit your target audience. If not, you can go back and adjust the settings again.

All-In-One Bio Link

This feature creates a bio link that leads to a web page. On the web page, there’ll be links to your other social media accounts. I’m not sure whether this violates Instagram’s terms. If it doesn’t, then it’s a great promotion tool, no doubt.

Post and Reward

Post and Reward lets you send, well, rewards to your followers. For example, you can give them a discount code if you have something to sell. 

The feature works like this: you ask the followers to tag two other users in their comments. Then, AiGrow will DM them the reward automatically. 

It sounds great, but again, IG doesn’t really like you sending generic messages. 

Post Scheduling

I think you may already know what an Instagram scheduler is. Specify a time and a date for your future posts, and AiGrow will upload it. 

Social Monitoring

This analytic tool lets you monitor hashtags, accounts, mentions of your profile, and a few other things. I think that this one is safe to use, and It sure is practical.

But, paying a monthly fee for just this option would be crazy.

Multiple Accounts

You can connect more than one IG account to AiGrow. The number of accounts depends on which subscription package you purchase.

Account Manager

Here’s another feature included in the more expensive packages. An account manager will assist you 10 hours a week and create 2-3 weekly posts for you.

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow offers a free plan and six pain ones. Let’s see what they look like:

aigrow reviews - pricing

The cheap plans won’t do much for you, I hope you know that. The pricier ones might have some useful options. However, they’re pretty expensive, and likely not worth it. 

Is AiGrow Legit?

I don’t think so. 

I discovered that the company is a rebrand of Tagscout – a service that Instagram closed down. This is a major red flag.

Also, the reviews on their website are all fake. That’s also the case with many positive reviews on

The negative ones seem genuine and they reveal shocking details. 

A bunch of customers said how the tool worked and then stopped functioning completely. For some, it did not work at all. 

Those users, naturally, unsubscribed. However, AiGrow continued to charge them monthly fees! The company didn’t respond to emails and the banks couldn’t stop the payments. 

I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!

Is AiGrow Safe?

Nope, avoid this one, folks.

It’s a rebrand of a company that was forced to shut down by Instagram. They can get you banned but that’s not even the worst part. As I mentioned above, you may not be able to unsubscribe when you try to do so. As a result, AiGrow will charge you every month.


There’s a free versionIt doesn’t work at all for some users
It may get you action blocked or banned
Their customers got fake or irrelevant followers
They kept charging the customers who unsubscribed
The customer service doesn’t reply to requests for refunds
A rebrand of a company that shut down

AiGrow Reviews: Final Verdict

Should you try AiGrow’s Instagram growth methods?

Absolutely not.

This sugarcoated bot will put your account and finances at risk. Chances are that you won’t even get it up and running. There’s not much to add, really. 

Stick to trustworthy growth services that have results to prove it. You can find a few in the table below.

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