WorkMacro Reviews – Is It Reliable? The Final Truth

If you’re struggling to promote yourself or your business on Instagram, believe me – you’re not the only one. 

Does that mean you should give up? Most definitely not. 

You just need help. More than that, you need to find the right kind of help – an Instagram growth tool. 

There are many tools, but few can be considered safe. So it’s important to check out each before you decide to use it. 

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at one called WorkMacro. 

Is it safe to use? Or is it a scam that’s going to take your money? 

If you’re intrigued to find out more, keep reading my WorkMacro review!

What Is WorkMacro?

A screenshot of WorkMacro's website

WorkMacro is an Instagram growth service. 

Just heads up – you won’t find out much about them from their website. First of all, the site is only working partially. Second of all, they offer little to no information about their services, features, and overall strategies. 

There is, however, a section with WorkMacro Instagram reviews from their satisfied customers with a combined rating of 4.42/5. Since most of the reviews are probably fake, we’ll believe those the actual users left on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

They claim they’re able to market your page to real Instagram users who will want to follow you. Besides this, they also state they’re going to boost the engagement on your page by providing you with likes from real people as well. Okay, but how?

WorkMacro really wants to convince you not to buy fake followers, and to use their services instead. That’s fine and all, but it only works if they provide real, organic growth. 

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case with WorkMacro. Based on countless reviews, they are a classic bot that works on automation. 

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How Does WorkMacro work?

It’s kind of difficult to find out how this service works without actually trying it. 

As I mentioned, the website is a mess, and they’re very mysterious regarding their ways of operating, which I, and many more customers, don’t appreciate. It is kind of shady, don’t you agree?

Based on what I managed to find out from previous customers, WorkMacro works just like any automation bot. Better said, it’s supposed to work like any other bot – but it doesn’t really.

It should perform all the basic tasks of a bot – automated follows, automated likes, automated unfollows, etc. 

However, I couldn’t find a single review that says the bot actually does those things, which I thought was very weird. It can only mean one thing – the bot likely doesn’t work at all. There’s a real chance that the whole thing is a scam. 

The website is secure, though, and they accept new clients and take money from them. 

The company offers a free 14-day trial for new clients, but here’s the catch: You have to give them all your personal info for the free trial. This includes your Instagram password, credit card info, your current address, and phone number. 

All this for a free trial.

This is very unusual, and it’s not a standard procedure with this kind of service. Most of the similar companies don’t ask for this much info at any point, let alone for a free trial. 

WorkMacro Features

Since the company doesn’t clearly state what services and features it provides, I’ll tell you about a few things they do mention on the website. 

Smart targeting

WorkMacro clams they “use intelligence to only engage with users that bring in the best results.” What this means (according to them) is that they utilize intelligent robots that are the heart of all their operations. They work 24/7 to find the most active and relevant accounts with whom you can engage. 

The sole promise of 24/7 robot operations tells you they don’t provide organic growth. But I suppose it’s okay since they don’t promise to do it organically anywhere on the website. 

WorkMacro says it only finds accounts from your targeted audience, but nowhere do they mention their targeting strategy. 

Is it based on hashtags, location tags? Or something else?

Who knows. 

Automated tasks

They mention they do only three things – follow, unfollow, and like. Again, there’s no explanation of how they plan to do it.  

There are some numerical promises, for example, you’ll get 5 to 15 new followers a day.

I find it very interesting that so many customers left reviews saying basically nothing happened to their accounts after purchasing Wrokmacro’s only plan (you can read more about it in the pricing section). All I could deduce is that this service doesn’t really work. 

Customer support

WorkMacro only bothered to answer a few FAQs on the site, so if you need any kind of information, you have to contact the support team.

The only way to get in touch with WorkMacro’s customer support is through a form on the website and hope they will reply. 

WorkMacro Pricing

WorkMacro only has one package, if you can call it that. It doesn’t really say what you get in that package, it’s just a huge price on the screen:

workmacro review - pricing

And that’s it. That’s all it says. 

It’s true, however, that there are no hidden costs – you only pay the $59. But what do you get for it? 

Hardly anything. 

We can argue that the price is too high for what it is, which is basically an Instagram bot that doesn’t work. 

You may remember I mentioned a free trial. Yes, you can try it out for 14 days, but you have to provide them with your personal information, including your address, phone number, credit card info, and Instagram password. 

In the end, the free trial could end up costing you more than money.

Is WorkMacro Legit?

I’m afraid I have to say no. There are too many red flags from the moment you enter their website until you proceed to checkout.  

I still don’t get why they need all your info. In fact, they are one of the few companies that ask for so many unnecessary details. It just doesn’t seem legit. 

And let’s not forget that there’s a good chance the service doesn’t actually work at all, but they still continue to accept and charge new clients – which is the opposite of legit. 

Is WorkMacro Safe?

It’s another no from me. 

Their shady ways and the fact they ask for all your info makes me think it’s not safe to use this service. 


Free trialRequires too much personal info
Doesn’t really work
Not clear about strategies and features
Too expensive
Basically no customer support
May get you in trouble with Instagram

WrokMacro Review – Final Verdict

So, Is WorkMacro safe to use?

I wouldn’t recommend it. 

They are just too shady about their features and operations, and all the negative reviews speak for themselves. Plus, they are too expensive for an Instagram bot that may or may not work. 

I’d say you should keep searching for a safe and organic growth service that will have your best interest at heart. Good luck!

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