SocialCaptain Review: A Shameless Fraud? Is This True?

Image featuring Social Captain's website

Looking at reviews of Instagram growth tools can be problematic.

First, many of them are outdated. 

Second, there are a lot of biased articles. 

While researching SocialCaptain, I’ve encountered both cases several times. Because of this, I wanted to create an all-encompassing, up-to-date analysis of this service. 

SocialCaptain had a solid reputation once, but it went down the drain. What happened? We’ll probably never find out. Their services are still available, so you need to know whether it’s wise to try them.

Is it safe? Is it a fraud that some claim it to be?

Check out my SocialCaptain review to find out!

What is SocialCaptain?

Image of SocialCaptain's website

SocialCaptain is a tool that promises to grow your Instagram automatically. Or, as they prefer to say it “automagically.” Clever, you’ve got to give it to them.

They claim they can get you real engagement and followers through the use of advanced AI. 

Where else have I heard that? Oh yeah, dozens of other companies that sell Instagram bots.

If you browse around their website a bit, you’ll see that bold statements are their thing. 

Phrases like “powerful growth” and “instant results” are commonplace. These buzzwords might attract an inexperienced Instagrammer. However, they should raise suspicion with a veteran. 

And suspicion is justified because SocialCaptain doesn’t seem to work. At least not well. You’ll get it up and running, but it’ll be a very messy run – tripping over every rock and not making it to the finish line. 

They used to be a reputable service, but things have taken a turn for the worse. Right now, it looks like they’re riding the wave of their former glory. Judging by some of their customers’ comments, they exist only to squeeze out a few pennies from unsuspecting individuals. 

That’s not a good look at all.

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How does SocialCaptain work?

According to the company, SocialCaptain is a personal AI Instagram assistant. It helps you find users that would be interested in your account, and convert them into followers. The “conversion” is done through engagement, automated, of course. 

Now, the remainder of this section is about how SocialCaptain used to work. Since that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, don’t take this information as gospel.

The tool likes, comments, follows and unfollows for you. Each of these actions can be switched on or off. 

There’s an array of filters to help pinpoint users and posts you want it to interact with. For example, user age, user gender, media age, location, so on. The bot can be set to avoid “low quality” users and sensitive posts too.

SocialCaptain can be used in the browser or through their app. You can download the latter from the website. The interface is well-designed. It shows you various graphs of your activities over time. 

Their services are not free, but there is a 24hr free trial available. After it expires, you’ll have to pick one of their three subscription packages. I’ll go into detail about pricing in the upcoming sections.

Even if all of the above were relevant and true, it would still be a bad idea to use it. Instagram prohibited such services in 2019. Using them now could earn you a big fat ban.

How to set up SocialCaptain?

You start by signing up for free on SocialCaptain’s official website.

Create an account in the usual way (name, password, email) or log in via Google. Then, a form will pop up, and you’ll need to enter your Instagram account name and password.

After this step, Instagram will send you the “suspicious login attempt notification.” You get past it by confirming that it was you.

Once that’s done, you should be in. The next step is to go to the settings page and choose which actions you want SocialCaptian to do. Set the targeting options to your liking and fire away.

The free trial will last you 24 hours. When it expires, you’ll have to choose one of the three paid packages. 

SocialCaptain Features

Automated Actions

As I mentioned, SocialCaptian’s automated tasks include liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing. It should perform these actions on users who fit the filters and targeting that you set. 

There are two issues here:

  • Instagram disapproves of automated engagement and might ban you for using it.
  • Even if you’re willing to take the risk, the service is buggy and stops working often.

Different subscription plans offer different automated options. Their most expensive package includes an AI optimization tool, and other fancy-sounding features. Unfortunately, they don’t mean anything now.

Automation Speed

SocialCaptain lets you adjust automation speed. This feature can be helpful if you want to minimize the risk of Instagram detecting you. There are four speeds to choose from:

Slow – up to 400 actions per day,

Normal – up to 1000 actions per day,

Fast – up to 2000 actions per day,

Turbo – over 2000 actions per day.

Just running this service will put your account at risk, but setting it on high speed will probably get you in trouble. If you really, really want to use it, go with the lowest setting.


The tool has several targeting parameters. These include location, hashtags, and usernames. Almost all Instagram growth tools have these three options, so this is nothing revolutionary. 

The “lucky” few who were able to start SocialCaptain’s bot said that targeting worked fine.

Customer Support

On the bottom of SocialCaptain’s website, you’ll find the “Support” button. When you click on it, a chat will pop up on the right side of the screen. 

It’s supposed to be a live chat where an agent should help you resolve issues. However, the chat doesn’t function at all. You can leave a message, but you won’t get a reply. 

The FAQ section is your only alternative, but it only talks about trivial things. It’ll not help you with service-related problems.

SocialCaptain Pricing

SocialCaptain is not the cheapest IG growth service; I’ll tell you that. I’d even go so far to say they’re one of the priciest ones. They offer weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plans.

Here’s what the weekly and monthly packages look like:

socialcaptain review - pricing

As you can see, there are two monthly plans with wildly different prices. The Turbo package includes AI-optimization and increased automation speed, which is why it’s so expensive.

Given that the tool doesn’t function, there are better ways to spend $99 a month. The same amount of money will get you a yearly subscription for an organic growth tool that actually works.

SocialCaptain’s yearly plans look like this:

social captain review - yearly plans pricing

These are the same two monthly plans sold for a lower price. Even with such significant discounts, SocialCaptain is pricier than some other, better tools.

Is SocialCaptain Legit?

OK, here’s where things get interesting.

SocialCaptain reviews on bury it. The comment section is ridden with negative sentiment. You’ll see the word “scam” on every step. There are only a handful of positive reviews, but their validity is questionable.

Folks claim to have had various troubles with SocialCaptain. 

First, the tool was either barely working or not working at all. 

Second, most of the users who complained received no response from customer support. Those who did get a response received an automated message, which wasn’t helpful.

Third and most important, the users weren’t able to cancel their subscription! 

For some people, the website didn’t allow them to cancel. 

Others managed to do it and got an email confirming that they’re no longer subscribed. However, the next month’s or week’s fee was deducted from their accounts anyway. 

Eventually, these people had to cancel their credit cards to stop the payments. 

Shocking, I know.

The only place where you’ll find all positive reviews about SocialCaptain is their website. They’re all under the “Real Reviews” section, and they’re obviously not real. Nice try.

Is SocialCaptain Safe?

No. This service is not safe to use.

I’ve seen reports of people being banned from Instagram within days of using SocialCaptain. 

But, this isn’t even the worst thing. 

Like I said earlier, there’s a chance that you’ll pay more than you initially intended. They’ll keep charging you even after you unsubscribe, which is outrageous. 

On top of that, they don’t even have an authenticated payment system. This could seriously compromise the security of your finances.

My best advice is – stay away.

SocialCaptain: Pros & Cons

24 hour free trialIt doesn’t seem to work
They keep charging even after you cancel your subscription
Might put your finances at risk
Mostly negative comments on
Bad customer support
FAQ page lacks some relevant info

SocialCaptain Review: Final Word

Is SocialCaptain the social captain it claims to be?

Absolutely not. This is a scam company that’s only interested in your money without worrying about the consequences. Their service might have worked in the past, but it doesn’t anymore.

Do not sign up, and do not leave them your credit card information. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. My suggestion would be to find a good organic growth service and stick to it.

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