Ingramer Reviews – Is It Worth Your Money?

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If you’re looking to succeed nowadays, there’s a small chance you will do it without being on social media, especially Instagram.

But how to achieve the desired thriving Instagram presence, with so many brands and people on there?

You need the best Instagram strategy so that more people can hear your voice and see your content. Stuck on what to do? We’ve all been there.

There are many tools that can help you grow your Instagram without much work from your side.

As always, I’m determined to find the ones that are the best for your needs. Today, we assess Ingramer.

I’ve come across multiple Ingramer reviews, but they do not offer enough information. The tool claims to help you with Instagram engagement significantly – but does it keep the promise?

I’ve broken down all the bits and details about it. Let’s dive in!

What is Ingramer?

A screenshot taken from Ingramer's website

By definition, Ingramer is an Instagram bot.

Its main principle of work is performing automated actions, such as liking, following, and posting, instead of you. All of this serves to boost your profile.

Of course, you want to maximize your Instagram engagement to bring up your follower count. But, ultimately, the greatest measure of success is an audience that is interested in your content.

Quality over the quantity, as people would say.

So, can Instagram bots help you achieve what you’re striving for? Some of them can, if they aren’t too aggressive, as Instagram disapproves of bot practices. This means it can block or ban your actions if it detects bot activity.

With Ingramer claiming to be “x2 more effective Instagram Bot,” in their own words, it sounds a bit aggressive. So, what happened when I tried it out?

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How Does Ingramer Work?

Instagramer supposedly makes 112,500 actions per month instead of you. Sounds like a lot?

Probably because it is. Too much, if you ask me.

The thing is, that much interaction would be regarded by Instagram as spam activity and result in a temporary ban on your Instagram account. And that’s exactly what happened when I used Ingramer.

But can it, nonetheless, be useful? Let’s tackle its functionalities and final results I got with it.

How to Use Ingramer?

If you want to use Ingramer, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create your Ingramer account with email and a strong password and purchase the plan that you wish.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Ingramer dashboard to narrow what they call the “search cope” of your goals. You can do so by tweaking hashtags, account usernames, and location.
  3. Go to the “functions” tab. From there, you can set all the activities you want Ingramer to perform for you.
  4. Optionally, you can use Ingramer to generate hashtags and use them in your posts.
  5. After you turn on the bot, it allows you to monitor your stats and progress under the “Statistics” tab.

Features of Ingramer

Moving on to the main Igramer features, here’s all you can get:

Automated Direct Messaging

Bots can send your followers DM’s (for example, welcome messages to users once they follow you). However, this one is a bit difficult to set up.

They do allow you to set up trigger phrases and words, even multi-language recognition, but they cannot engage in a meaningful conversation instead of you.

Oftentimes, auto-replies it generated seemed inappropriate and out of context even though I tried my best to set it up correctly.

Post Scheduler

Now, their post planner is convenient. It allows you to schedule your images, videos, and stories for the entire month, which saves up your time.

Unless you overdo it and post too many things each day, you shouldn’t have problems because of this feature, and Instagram will not block it.

Font Generator

Ingramer allows you to customize the font for your bio, post, and comments by choosing from over 80 font styles.

It’s a unique feature when it comes to the visual aspect, but doesn’t really boost your profile, so I didn’t find it useful.

Story Viewer

This feature allows you to watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously. Not really my area of interest, so I’m not going to discuss it further.

Automated Activity

Ingramer can handle automatic follow, unfollow, and likes, with approximately 1,250 actions per day. As I mentioned, this violates Instagram Terms and Conditions.

Hashtag Generator

They offer to generate trending hashtags in your niche. Use this one cautiously because some hashtags it finds can be considered spammy.

Ingramer Pricing

Here’s the breakdown of Ingramer pricing with all features included:

ingramer reviews - pricing and packages

If you want to buy all of the Ingramer features (automated activity, scheduled posting, DMs, and hashtags), it will cost you $82 per two weeks, $128 monthly, or $307 per three months.

They have some sort of a free trial, but it’s not a complete one. Namely, you can try three auto-posts, DMs, and hashtags for free.

They also offer to sell you VPN service along with their tool, which is a bit shady.

Is Ingramer Legit?

It seems that Ingramer is legit, but I’m not completely sure about it, even though I’ve tried it.

The thing is that I couldn’t reach their management, and the customer support is unavailable for live chat.

Reviews of other people on the Internet are varied – some reviewers on say they are satisfied with the service, and some claim that it’s an intricate scam.

They seem to have a strong PR team that promotes services all around the web.

Also, being an Instagram bot, I’m not sure how they utilize their services. I don’t think it’s a complete scam, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their services stopped working sometime in the future.

Is Ingramer Safe?


While they have a secure https website, and there’s no sign of fraudulent activity when it comes to the payment gateway, it’s not safe for your Instagram account. 

I mean, they won’t steal your password or something like that, but their practices can (and probably will) put your account at risk of getting banned.

So, while nothing will happen to your data after you purchase and use Ingramer, you can experience problems with your account – and the recovery process is a bit of a hassle, to be honest.


Doesn’t require downloading Will probably get your account blocked
Secure websiteMixed quality automation
They have hard sell tactics
Unresponsive customer support
The company could be a scam
The DM feature is difficult to set up

Ingramer Review: Final Verdict

Ingramer bot will completely automate your actions, but is it a good way to go about Instagram growth?

If you use bot practices, you can come off as a robot with a weak personality. People want to know you on a more personal level. Plus, Instagram can ban your account if it detects automated actions.

So, the human factor is missing with Ingramer, and it really shows.

An example of a smart strategy for Instagram growth is getting real and organic followers. You should have the right tools to achieve it. In the table above, you can check out some prospective Instagram tools that can help you stand out from the crowd.

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