Social10x Shut Down -What Happened? Why Was It Canceled?

Instagram is one of the most potent marketing places because it basically acts as a search engine that promotes your content.

Business and influencers compete to achieve success in virtually any niche on social media platforms.

The thought of reaching thousands, or even millions of leads through Instagram is very alluring, isn’t it? 

But how do you ensure you’re interacting with the right people, i.e., those that are interested in your content?

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Back to Social10x…

If you’re here, it’s safe to assume that you want to try out Social10x. However, since Social10x shut down in 2019, it isn’t possible anymore.

So, what happened to it? Was it a complete scam? Are there any alternatives?

Keep reading this Social 10x review!

What Is Social10x?

A screenshot of Social 10x's website

Social 10x was a sort of an Instagram marketplace where you could buy followers, likes, and comments.

When I wanted to try it out, I found out that it was canceled in 2019.

It was time to do some digging.

Turns out that Facebook and Instagram sued companies that were selling fake followers and likes. Some examples are SocialEnvy, SocialSteeze, and my focus of today, Social10x.

This lawsuit hints at what Social 10x actually was. They sold fake followers and likes to their customers, but claimed to deliver real ones.

Of course, hardly anyone would believe that they were about to bring five thousand real people at once to your account, but still – they lied.

And when Instagram detects fake accounts, it deletes them. So, essentially, this tool was a waste of your money.

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How Does Social10x Work?

Or better yet: how did Social10x work?

Pretty simple.

You could visit their website and choose the number of followers, comments, or likes that you wanted them to bring to your Instagram profile. They would deliver your package(s) very promptly.

And that’s where the problems begin.

The majority of “real accounts” that they brought to your profile would get deleted, and your follower count would be back down. 

Plus, if Instagram detects suspicious bot accounts interacting with you, your account could get banned or blocked. And honestly, recovering your account is such a hassle.

Features of Social10x

What features did Social10x offer? Was it a classic Instagram marketplace?

Let’s see.

Buying Followers

The primary feature was, of course, buying followers.

You could get anywhere from 500 to 5,000 one-time followers with Social10x. 

Also, there was the possibility to get “premium monthly Instagram followers,” which means that it would bring you followers each month. These packages were available for 100 to 1,500 followers per month.

But again, let’s assess the quality of these followers.

They mostly came from fake or bot accounts, and Instagram would delete them shortly after. Also, this could lead to Instagram blocking your account.

Now, here and there, Social 10x could have brought you a real follower, but definitely not many real people. And the main problem was that they claimed that followers were real.

Buying Comments

Social10x also offered the possibility to buy Instagram comments, anywhere from 10 to 25. And these were quite pricey. Were they high-quality, then?

No, not really. They were difficult to set up, the syntax was not great, and they sometimes seemed meaningful.

Buying Likes

Finally, you could buy two kinds of likes: one-time likes per post and auto likes.

The former work sort of like an automated bot that delivers likes each time you post a photo or a video. And, as you probably know, Instagram disapproves of bot practices.

The latter were delivered for a post that you select, and you could get from 100 to 1,000 likes per post.

Social10x Pricing

Now that you’re familiar with the Social10x scam let’s see how much they charged people for it.

Firstly, let’s talk about followers.

One-time followers pricing plans looked like this:

  • 500 followers were $6
  • 1,000 followers were $9
  • 2,500 followers were $19
  • 5,000 followers were $29

Monthly followers were more expensive:

  • 100 followers per month were $17
  • 500 followers per month were $28
  • 1,000 followers per month were $49
  • 1,500 followers per month were $69

It may not seem expensive, but if we take into account that all these followers were fake and they would disappear sooner or later, it was a waste of money.

Onto the comment packages:

  • 10 comments were $31
  • 15 comments were $41
  • 20 comments were $49
  • 25 comments were $59

Even if the comments seemed genuine, this seems far too expensive.

Finally, here are the Social10x likes tariff plans:

  • 100 likes were $14
  • 250 likes were $23
  • 500 likes were $34
  • 1,000 likes were $59

There wasn’t enough information about the pricing of automatic liking features. I can only say that it was very risky for your account.

Is Social10x Legit?

If you haven’t realized by now: the answer is a firm no. Social10x wasn’t legit, and that’s the reason that it got shut down in 2019.

First and foremost, they disclosed what kind of services they offered. Namely, the followers were fake, and not real, as they claimed. 

Secondly, some reviewers on websites such as claimed to have been charged even after they canceled their Social10x subscription. This is borderline fraudulent activity, and their customer service refused to issue refunds to people.

Hence, the only logical outcome was that Social10x, along with other tools that provided poor services, were shut down in 2019 and sued by Facebook and Instagram.

Is Social10x Safe?

There are two parts of the safety matter with Social10x.

I mean, their website apparently was https secure, so they couldn’t get your info stolen, or something like that – but can we really say that a tool that stole your money is safe?

I don’t think so.

Their payment gateway also seemed to be secure.

But, Social10x could get your account banned, so in that way, it wasn’t what I would deem “safe.”


It was easy to useScam
Delivered fake followers
Likes and comments would disappear after some time
Unreliable customer service
Instagram deletes its followers
They kept charging some users even after the cancelation

Social10x Shut Down: Final Verdict

As your brand grows, and you interact with your followers, you’ll need Instagram marketing tools to help you out. They will also increase your follower count.

However, Social10x is not one of them.

Social10x shut down is completely justified, considering that it was a scam. All they could deliver to you were fake followers that got deleted and put your account at risk.

People often ask: How do I get automatic followers on Instagram? Which is the best Instagram followers app?

My answer is – the one that gets you real and organic followers. Buying followers and likes from Instagram services such as Social 10x won’t get you far. I picked a couple of the best alternatives in the table below.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

I can’t decide what’s worse – receiving a bunch of fake followers or getting the followers you paid for deleted off your account. Either way, those are situations I would not want to be in.

Choosing to grow your account organically will help you avoid those problems. Check out the table below for some of our favorite growth services!

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