Social Shop Review: Will It Make You An Instagram Sensation?

Anyone who says you can’t make it on Instagram has probably never heard of Instagram growth tools, so you can’t blame them for thinking so. 

The truth is, you can secure your place among the stars on Instagram, but it’s going to take time, patience, and money. 

And, of course, a reliable growth service. 

A really reliable growth service is a tough title to get. After a lot of testing and comparing, Upleap is the one closest to this title. All others are not as good. You can read our review here.

It can’t be just any – there are too many scammers out there for you to take it lightly. You have to do your research and choose wisely. 

You may have heard of Social Shop, so now you want to know all there is to know about it. You’re in the right place!

Is Social Shop a trustworthy company? Or are they a classic scam? 

I’m gonna spill the tea in my Social Shop review, so keep on reading!

What is Social Shop?

A screenshot taken from Social Shop's website

Before I tell you more about Social Shop, I have to warn you that they don’t have a secure website, so if you’re going to visit it, you’re doing it at your own risk. 

Not having a safe website is a major red flag that makes me question the entire company. And when you expect people to pay for stuff with their credit cards on your unsafe site, it just screams shady to me. 

Now that I alerted you about this, let’s see what this company is really about. 

Social Shop offers to boost your social media presence. According to their website, they are the world’s leading supplier of likes, followers, subscribers, and views. 

Talk about humility.

All over the website, they boast of being the best at this and the best at that. They swear you can become a social media superstar if you get in their fast lane that leads to online fame. 

Is there any merit to these promises?

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but not really. These kinds of promises and claims are always far from the truth. 

But what can you get from Social Shop? Does it work at all?

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How Does Social Shop Work?

I want to disclose that Social Shop is not a total scam. They may not make an A-list celebrity out of you, but they still got something to offer. 

So, how does it work?

Social Shop is a service that sells followers and likes. While most similar companies have separate packages for the two, Social Shop has got a 2-in-1 deal with their plans. 

So, once you choose a plan, you’ll get both likes and followers. 

The packages go from really cheap to not so budget-friendly, but I’ll get to that in the Pricing section. 

Okay, so you chose a package, and now what?

This is when trouble happens. 

Once you click on the desired plan, it redirects you to a completely different, again not secure, website. 

To be frank, I don’t know if I was more nervous or skeptical to go further, so I’m going to tell you what happens next based on experiences from countless reviews I found online. 

But first, let’s get into the features real quick so you get a better idea of what they provide for each network.

Social Shop Features


Instagram is Social Shop’s number one platform. They give you the option to choose between six different packages. The smallest one gets you 100 followers and 100 likes, while the largest one will bring you 15,000 followers and as many likes. 

And, of course, Social Shop says they’re all real people. The problem is that they have no way of knowing that, so the quality of followers is arguable, to say the least. 

Purchasing a hundred followers could go unnoticed but buying as many as 15 thousand will surely catch Instagram’s attention. 

A couple of reviews stated that their account actually got banned due to fake followers, but the issue most people had was something else. 

They complained Instagram removed most of the bought followers so they ended up at the exact same place where they began, only a couple hundred dollars shorter. 

To be fair, some clients reported that an appreciable number of followers seemed to remain even after Instagram’s purge, so we can only assume those were authentic followers. 

But still, the number of bots exceeds the number of real ones, and that’s the final truth. 


As for Facebook, you can purchase anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 page likes and up to 20,000 post likes. Page likes and post likes come together so you can’t opt just for one. 


If you’re interested in buying subscribers and views for your Youtube channel, you will have to pay a bit more. 

Youtube plans are significantly more expensive than all the others, and they don’t give you as many subscribers as they do, for example, followers on Instagram. 

But, each package, likes, comments, and views come included with the subscribers. 

Social Shop Pricing

Social Shop prices vary depending on your social media choice. Their most notable packages are for Instagram, so let’s start with those.

social shop review - pricing

The difference in price between the smallest and the largest plan is huge, but so is the number of followers and likes. 

If you think the $150 plan is worth it, by all means, go for it. Just don’t forget the potential risks that come with purchasing a huge following and receiving them all overnight. 

Options for Facebook also come in 6 packages, from $6 to $270. Youtube prices are the highest, and if you want the biggest Youtube package, you’ll have to pay $2000. 

Two things I don’t appreciate are the no free-trial and no refund policies. If you expect someone to pay a couple of thousand dollars on an unsafe website, you have to offer some kind of refund.

But that’s not the case with Social Shop. 

Is Social Shop Legit?

The non-secure website and payment options make me really skeptical about the authenticity of the firm. 

However, based on very many reviews, there seems to be nothing wrong with Social Shop, except the fact you get some bots in your follower list. 

Is Social Shop Safe?

Given the problematic payment and unsafe website, I have to say Social Shop is not entirely safe to use. 

Of course, you can always try it out for yourself, just be careful of the stuff I mentioned above.

Plus, bot followers never equal safe play. 


The quality of followers is not the worstNo secure website
No refunds
No free trial
Payment is unsafe
You gain bot followers

Social Shop Review: Final Verdict

Is Social Shop THE place to shop for followers?

I’m not convinced that it is. 

Be smart and don’t fall for their empty promises. The most you’ll get are a few real followers accompanied by a lot of fake ones. 

This won’t pave your way to success on Instagram. 

Instead, you really ought to try some of the genuine services that will help you grow organically. I’ve listed some of the best in the table below so feel free to check them out.

Top 10 Instagram Growth Tools

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, fake followers aren’t the way to go. I’m sure you agree with me.

Unfortunately, fake followers are what most “growth services” offer when they sell you likes and followers.

A better alternative will be using organic growth tools to grow your account so you have real followers with quality engagement.

If you need help deciding which tool to use, check out the table below for some of our favorites!

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