Social Flight Reviews: What Happens When You Try It – The Truth Exposed

In the Internet-ruled 21st century, if you’re not present on social media, you might as well live under a rock. 

The popularity of networks like Instagram and Facebook explains why there are so many bot services and automation tools – everyone wants to make it, but they can’t do it alone (or they simply don’t want to).

For today’s topic, I’ve chosen one Instagram service called Social Flight. 

By doing a simple Google search, I’ve stumbled upon a hefty amount of 1-star reviews, but there were also a few positive ones.

So, I decided to do thorough research and see what’s the real truth about Social Flight.

Are they a scam?

Or do they offer legitimate services?

Dig into my Social Flight Reviews to find out.

What Is Social Flight?

An image taken from Social Flight's website

Social Flight is a business that helps you engage with your target audience to grab their attention and turn them into new followers. 

They have many claims on their website, such as:

  • They can provide you with the continual growth of followers
  • The followers they bring to you are genuine and real
  • You’ll get a personalized team of professionals who’ll be in charge of marketing 

This all sounds nice, but does it have merit?

You’re about to find out.

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How Does Social Flight Work?

Before Social Flight can start doing their part, they first require you to do a couple of things. 

You need to customize their features to suit your engagement needs. This includes describing your niche and what kind of audience you want to attract. Social Flight promises they will engage only with users from your target audience who are real people.

If we’re to believe all the negative reviews on Trustpilot, this is not entirely true, for many reasons.

First, people complained they lost followers. And not just a few sporadic losses, but they’d lose them in bulk. 

This leads me to believe that Social Flight doesn’t actually bring you people from your niche, but rather random accounts that are not interested in your content, so they unfollow you quickly. 

Another possibility (the more likely one) is that the followers are bots who get removed by Instagram. 

One more reason to doubt the quality of followers is the number of customers that say their accounts got banned. This is a clear indicator something’s not right and that Social Flight brings high bot activity to your account.

Consider this a major red flag.

Social Flight Features

Social Flight is a simple service with a few features that could suffice, provided they perform properly. Let’s see what they are.

Customized targeting

The customized targeting feature allows you to set hashtags, geotags, and usernames that Social Flight will use to follow people. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should always choose specific hashtags and locations that are closely connected to your niche. 

But we’ve already established that Social Flight doesn’t have the best algorithms to target a specific audience, and more often than not, you’d end up with followers outside of your field of interest. 

The one feature that does work is the username targeting. You can leave usernames of your biggest competitors in the industry and Social Flight will try to sway their followers to come to your profile. 

This way, there’s a better chance you’ll attract real users who could be intrigued by your content. 

It’s unfortunate that Social Flight cannot keep bots away from you as these filters could positively affect your engagement and growth. 

Even if they manage to get you some real followers, when there are bots involved, it all adds up to nothing. Instagram’s stringent policies will make sure you lose bought followers.

Track your results

The professional marketing team that supposedly consists of real people, will help you track your progress. 

They’ll provide you with reports and evaluations so you can track your record. 

This sounds terrific – only if it were true. 

As I mentioned before, there were quite a few 1-star Social Flight reviews. And honestly speaking, I always believe them more than all the 5-stars combined. 

Bad reviews are almost exclusively from unsatisfied customers, while it’s a well-known fact that many companies are the ones who stand behind the glorious reviews.

The reason I’m telling you this is because most of the bad reviews spoke about Social Flight’s customer support and how disappointed they were. 

There’s no around the clock support available, and if you manage to get in touch with them during their 9 to 5 working hours, they can be very impolite. 

Plus, all the talk about a team of professionals who manage your account turned out to be pure baloney. Most users said they never got in contact with any team whatsoever.

Social Flight Pricing

This company offers you two packages, one is for Instagram only, and the other one includes TikTok as well. 

You have to subscribe to either of the packages and pay the monthly price.

social flight reviews - pricing

It’s weird to me that they include TikTok in one of the deals when there’s absolutely no mention of it anywhere else on the website. I guess it’s a convenient addition if you use both TikTok and Instagram, but I didn’t expect it at all to be there.

What really bugs me about this company is that they don’t offer a free trial, nor do they provide a refund. 

If you want to try it, you have to pay, and in case you’re not happy, well, tough luck. 

And I don’t have to tell you they’re not what you would call affordable. 

Is Social Flight Legit?

This is basically a yes or no question, so which one is it for Social Flight?

I’d have to go with no. Social Flight services can potentially get your account banned and that does not make a legitimate business.

Is Social Flight Safe?

Social Flight doesn’t have the means to keep bots away from your account, and any bot activity could harm you, so no, it’s not completely safe. 

Okay, their website is safe, and payment options are secure. Also, they don’t ask for your password or sensitive info besides credit card numbers. They don’t have PayPal or similar options, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not secure. 

However, the possibility of getting banned for using a bot is always there. 


Some features work fineThe service is way overpriced
The constant risk of getting banned
They don’t offer refunds
No free trial
A lot of empty promises
Not too many functions

Social Flight: Final Verdict

So, what happens when you try Social Flight?

Not a lot of good stuff. 

There’s really no reason to put your account in jeopardy for a couple of okay-at-best features. The risks associated with this company are too great to be taken lightly. 

Plus, you have to give them a serious amount of money just to try it out. 

It’s just not worth it. 

But, don’t get discouraged by reading about a scam service every now and then. There are countless legit companies who have your best interest at heart, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before you discover them.

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