Social Bloom Shut Down – What Happened?

Instagram is an ever-growing platform for sharing your content. Thus, it’s a perfect place for brands, companies, influencers, and performers to promote.

With the right strategy, you’ll manage to reach out to a broad audience and achieve social success.

But staying on top of all Instagram marketing tasks – from creating and posting content to interacting with your followers – is pretty overwhelming.

Luckily, there are a bunch of great Instagram growth services that can help you.

I’m back with another review – this time around, of Social Bloom.

If you’re here, you may be interested in trying it out. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this tool no longer works.

So, what happened? Why did Social Bloom shut down? Are there some better alternatives?

Stay tuned.

What Is Social Bloom?

A screenshot of Social Bloom's website

Social Bloom was an Instagram growth service that doesn’t work anymore. They have now rebranded to XPLOD Social that seems to work in a similar way, but somehow dodges a closedown.

Of course, that meant only one thing: it was time to do some digging.

I couldn’t find the definitive answer as to why Social Bloom closed, but most likely, it was a scam. All the evidence points to that.

The management wasn’t upfront that Social Bloom was an Instagram bot, aka an automation service, but that’s what they were. And Instagram’s algorithm is utilized to stop the bot activity.

Also, there were some rumors that its parent company made the final decision about its demise.

The number of unsatisfied customers and reviews probably didn’t help, either.

Ultimately, what is Social Bloom on Instagram?

Before they pulled the plug, they were an Instagram growth service that acted as a bot – but more on that a bit later, when I get to its features.

You could use Social Bloom online, from your personal dashboard, without having to download the tool, which was a plus.

Top Social Bloom Alternatives

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How Does Social Bloom Work?

Social Bloom worked almost identically to any Instagram bot: it could generate automated activity, such as like, follow, and comment. It also had some filters that should help you target your audience, e.g., accounts, hashtags, and locations.

They claimed to bring you from 200 to 3000 new, real followers every week. Did they really do it? You could probably guess: No. Not even close. Let alone real and organic followers!

As I mentioned, they didn’t give up the fight without planning a replacement – so they operate as XPLOD Social now.

The two tools are fairly similar, as XPLOD is also based on automated likes, follows, and comments. The main difference is that it also uses artificial intelligence that Social Bloom lacked. It also seems to use more advanced reporting on your progress and results.

How to Use Social Bloom?

Obviously, you can’t use Social Bloom anymore, but here’s what you needed to do:

  1. You were supposed to go to their website (it was, not, which was a bit confusing).
  2. Next, you ought to choose the weekly pricing plan and register. It required your full name, email, Instagram username, and niche.
  3. Finally, you should pay for the service (they offered PayPal and Credit Card), and that was it.

Features of Social Bloom

Social Bloom had similar features as any other Instagram bot. See for yourself:

Automated Activity

The tool could like and comment on posts instead of you, although comments were a bit unfortunate to set up. It also followed and unfollowed other users for you.

Targeting Audience

Social Bloom used the most basic filters – usernames that you chose, hashtags, and locations – to find the audience interested in your content and engage with them. Some users reported that this feature sometimes worked, while the engagement seemed completely random at times.

Social Bloom Pricing

As it didn’t offer any unique or special features – pretty much any bot would perform the same automated activities – I expected Social Bloom to be moderately priced, even cheap.

However, the four tariff plans that they had were pricey:

  • Basic was $16 a week
  • Advanced was $22 a week
  • Premium was $40 a week
  • Pro was $90 a week

When you calculate the cost per month (for example, $64 for the Basic package, and as much as $360 for the Premium one), it’s clear that the prices were too high.

Bear in mind that, with the Basic plan, you had access only to likes & follow or unfollow – no filters.

The advanced plan came to $88 a month, and the only difference was that it had gender targeting. 

Plus, the Premium & Pro packages were not that advanced at all. When you look at a price tag, you’d expect a striking difference. Basically, they offered two additional filters and interaction with Social Bloom’s marketing experts, which was similar to paying to receive customer support.

The only positive thing I can say about Social Bloom pricing was that they offered a free three-day trial.

Is Social Bloom Legit?

While their website still existed, it was partially plagiarized – which is another red flag and has probably contributed to the Social Bloom shut down. 

The reason may have also been that Social Bloom and some other tools had the same parent company. So, in order to keep some of their more successful bots active, they may have opted for shutting down Social Bloom.

Whatever the cause – Social Bloom did not seem legit.

There aren’t many Social Bloom reviews online, but many people were dissatisfied with the customer service.

Is Social Bloom Safe?

As far as I can tell, Social Bloom was safe. There were no complaints regarding the stolen information, Instagram credentials, or something like that. They didn’t ask you to enter your Instagram password (though your profile had to be set to “public” to receive their services).

The payment gateways were probably verified and authentic, too.

Was it safe for your Instagram account, though? I’m not sure. Instagram can detect automated activity and block or ban your account. Based on a couple of Social Bloom reviews on websites such as, that’s exactly what happened.


Secure paymentDoesn’t work
Probably was a scam
Risk of getting banned and blocked
Had expensive packages
Fake claims
Poor customer service

Social Bloom Shut Down: Final Verdict

Instagram is a platform for unlimited sales and marketing.

If you wish to establish credibility in the marketplace, demonstrate your qualities, and get the desired engagement, you should stay away from stories like the SocialBloom scam.

If you came here to read more about Social Bloom, you are now aware of what happened to it.

Even if it hadn’t been for Social Bloom shut down, its automated activities and bot accounts wouldn’t get you far. You should strive to bring targeted and real accounts to your profile.

The amount of Instagram growth tools nowadays is staggering, so it can get difficult to find the ones that will suit your needs. If you want to grow your audience organically, check out the tools I mentioned in the table above.

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