SNS Growth Review – Is It Successful? Learn Here

Publishing relevant and engaging content on social media platforms is only a part of becoming popular. You need someone who will see it. Growing a fan base on Instagram can be a challenging process, especially with their strict policies and algorithm updates.

The right tools will significantly help you improve your marketing strategy and get you the desired audience, thus making your job easier.

I have been playing around with websites that bring you growth so you won’t have to. Upleap is the best one I had the pleasure of trying out. Here is my detailed review.

Would you like to attract more followers, likes, or comments? Some Instagram tools simply let you buy them.

One of them is SNS Growth. Is it legit? In this SNS Growth review, I’ll let you know how it worked for me and what to expect!

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What is SNS Growth?

A screenshot of SNS Growth's website

SNS Growth is a service that focuses on the numbers: you can buy a certain number of followers, likes, or views for your Instagram.

It’s the second most-common tactic for Instagram engagement, in addition to Instagram bots that automatize your actions.

People often ask me Do Instagram growth services work? but there’s no universal answer. Those that aren’t too aggressive and spammy usually work.

I need to try a particular service out and consult other users’ opinions in order to answer the question.

SNS Instagram growth strategy is simple, with instant delivery of its services. Did it work out for me?

Let’s see.

Other Popular Instagram Growth Services

Flock Social4.8Check Price
Upleap.com4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
SocialFollow4.2Check Price
KENJI.AI4Check Price
Stim Social3.9Check Price

How Does SNS Growth Work?

The principle of work behind SNS Growth is very straightforward – buy the numbers that you want, be it followers, likes, or views.

But is it really that simple?

Instagram doesn’t like an abrupt flow of actions – it’s a sign to them that something’s iffy.

SNS Growth does offer the “drip-feed” delivery, which means that they will deliver followers, likes, or views at different points of time for the next 30 days. However, Instagram still managed to figure out that they were bought and deleted them.

SNS Growth seems to be aware of this downside, so they offer a 60-day guarantee. This means that you can submit a ticket after you start losing your followers, and they can try and regain them. Is it a long-term solution? Not really.

My focus is always on Instagram, but it might be worth mentioning here that SNS can also boost a number of other social media platforms. It offers services for the following ones:

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • TikTok

How to Use SNS Growth?

The process is as easy as ABC:

  1. You just need to go ahead and select the number of followers, likes, or views that you wish to buy.
  2. They’ll ask you to provide your Instagram username. Your profile has to be public during the delivery of the services, but I think that’s not a major red flag. I still prefer it to giving my password to tools.
  3. Make a payment, choose whether you want an instant or a drip-feed delivery, and voilà!

Features of SNS Growth

SNS Growth offers three main features:


Of course, I performed an SNS followers review, and here’s what I can tell you.

You can buy from 600 to as many as 20,000 followers.

The quality of the followers is decent. What does this mean? I noticed that some of the newly acquired followers were indeed genuine, and some of them even belonged to my niche.

But here’s the thing: Instagram algorithm can detect bought followers, especially when they are delivered as quickly as with SNS Growth. And what happens then? It deletes them.


SNS Growth offers you two kinds of likes – instant likes for a post that you choose, and automatic likes for your future posts.

The maximum amount you can get for the former is 20,000 likes, and 30,000 for the latter – so, 100 per day if you choose automatic likes for 30 days.

Again, Instagram recognized this as overly aggressive and deleted a significant portion of likes from my posts.


You can buy views for your videos and views for your latest Instagram story. This is the least popular SNS Growth feature, and it’s not that useful, except it shows people that you’re popular.

SNS Growth Pricing

Let’s go over the tariff plans for SNS Growth features, starting with the followers:

sns growth review - pricing

The basic pack, with 600 followers, is billed at $13,69, whereas the Diamond one that delivers 20,000 followers costs $289,53.

Likes are more affordable than followers – you can get as many as 20,000 likes for $106,37, whereas 500 likes are only $7,49.

Views are even cheaper – but as I mentioned, it’s not a really useful feature, so it’d be pointless to discuss whether they are a good deal.

Is SNS Growth Legit?

As far as I can tell, SNS Growth is legit.

Their website contains genuine info, and they seem open about who they are. They even warn you that you might start losing the followers you bought. I’m sure some other companies would only try to conceal this and scam you into buying their services.

Also, their website is well-designed and easy to navigate. I missed the possibility of the live chat support, but at least you can contact them via email, and they’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Is SNS Growth Safe?

Yes, SNS Growth is safe. The problem that will occur – Instagram deleting the followers and likes you bought – will not affect the safety of your account. So, I cannot label the tool “unsafe,” even though it has its flaws.

Their website is https secure, and their payment gateway is Norton secured and has a TRUSTe certification. They accept all ways of payment, from PayPal to all the major Debit and Credit Cards. 

Plus, it doesn’t require your Instagram username.


Will get you followers and likesSome of the followers seemed fake
Doesn’t require your Instagram passwordInstagram will delete a lot of the followers
Hard sell tactics
No live customer support
Lack of authentic onsite reviews
Some plans are a bit pricey

SNS Growth Review: Final Verdict

So, what was my overall experience with SNS Growth?

Mixed. On the one hand, it did get me a certain amount of followers and likes. But is it really the ultimate goal?

The number of your followers is your reach, and it’s true. But in reality, you don’t need that many people who aren’t interested in your niche to follow you. 

A marketing strategy that revolves around numbers is not the key to success.

What is, then?

It’s all about real and organic followers who indeed like your content – not about buying those that will leave soon, or fake accounts that will disappear.

If you want a quick boost, tools like SNS Growth are okay, but there’s no get-rich-quick kind of deal with Instagram.

In the long run, you need tools that will help you get your target audience that will come to stay.

I listed some tools that bring you genuine and real followers in the table table. You will find all of these useful for your long-term Instagram marketing goals.

Top 10 Instagram Growth tools

Buying likes and followers might seem like an ingenious quick fix to grow your Instagram account. However, this method tends to backfire more often than not.

You see, Instagram is clamming down on bot accounts and they’re mass-deleting loads of such accounts. If you’re found to be buying likes and followers, you might get your account banned or blocked.

This is why we recommend growing your account organically to ensure that you get high-quality and relevant followers. Check out the table below to see our rankings for the best Instagram growth tools out there!

Flock Social4.8Check Price
Upleap.com4.6Check Price
Nitreo.com4.3Check Price
SocialFollow4.2Check Price
KENJI.AI4Check Price
Stim Social3.9Check Price