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Nowadays social media is very popular among the young generation. Some of the people tend to use social platforms that help them boost their appearance online. One of these platforms is RiseKarma. Today, we are planning to discuss how This company works.

What is RiseKarma?

RiseKarma is a social media platform that helps people boost their social media accounts. If you decide to use their service, you will have an opportunity to boost your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter accounts. 

How does RiseKarma work?

The site is very easy and simple to use. We are planning to show you the exact skill of how to use RiseKarma. Now, let’s dive in.

Go to the site

To use RiseKarma, you have to go to the site. The site is called Risekarma.com. As you can see, the site is visually very beautiful and modern. The color theme is orange and black. Once you are on the site, now we can begin the registration process.

Choose the package you want to buy

For example, if you want to boost your followers, likes, or comments on Instagram, you just have to choose “Instagram” at the top of the site. Once you type on “Instagram,” you’ll see the suggested packages. Choose the plan you’d like to purchase and we are ready to go. 

Make a registration

Once you choose the package, the site will require your email address and Instagram account username. Now you will be ready to pay. Write your card detail information and purchase your package. Now you are ready to use RiseKarma. 

What are RiseKarma features?

Buying followers and likes

Like similar sites, RiseKarma offers its customers to purchase followers and likes on many platforms. This way, the customers have an opportunity to boost their Instagram or other social media accounts. 

Choosing different platforms

RiseKarma offers you many platforms on which you can boost your account. For example, some of the other social media boosting sites only offer one or two platforms. Company gives you an opportunity to gain likes, followers, views, or comments on many different social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. 

Are RiseKarma followers real accounts or bots?

As I’ve discovered, most of the RiseKarma followers are bot accounts. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t use real and organic followers like it claims. Moreover, the engagement you gain from RiseKarma is most likely fake. 

What is RiseKarma pricing?

RiseKArma is not the cheapest site you can use. As I’ve discovered so far, the prices are far higher compared to other similar sites. Moreover, the fact that you are purchasing a bot engagement is a big problem.

How much does RiseKarma charge for followers? 

If you want to buy Instagram followers from RiseKarma you can choose from three main packages: Individual, Influencer, and Business. Each of these packages offers different types of engagement. 

The package “Individual” costs 49.99$ monthly. It offers from 1000 to 2000 followers a month, about 3000 likes, and an engagement.

The package “Influencer” costs 89.99$ monthly. It offers from 2500 to 5000 followers and 6000 likes. 

The package “Business” costs 299.99$ and is the most expensive package on the site. Moreover, it’s one of the most expensive packages on similar sites. It offers from 5000 to 15000 followers and 10,000 likes. The engagement from this package is very high, however, the quality of the engagement is very considerable

Does RiseKarma offer a free trial?

No, unfortunately, RiseKarma does not offer a free trial. The company prices are very expensive and it’s unfair to its customers that there is no free trial available. 

Pros and Cons of RiseKarma

Advantages of RiseKarma

A good site

As you will see, the RiseKarma site is very modern and beautiful. Not so many boosting companies have this type of site. This way, RiseKarma has an opportunity to attract more followers. 

Offers big packages

RiseKarma gives its customers packages that offer more than 5000 followers and 6000 likes. Most of the sites try to boost your account with around 1000 followers or likes, so these offerings are very useful.

Disadvantages of RiseKarma

Very expensive

Even though the site offers a lot of followers and likes, it still has a very expensive price. It is unfair to customers that they should pay a lot of money and receive a fake engagement. Buying likes from Instagram bots and fake followers is very devastating. 

Fake Engagement

As I’ve mentioned before, the engagement received from RiseKarma is not 100% real. They use bots and fake accounts to boost your engagements. This type of engagement creates problems for your accounts as well.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of RiseKarma

I’ve done research on RiseKarma reviews. They have 28 reviews on sitejabber, and most of them are positive. Let’s discuss the reviews. 

RiseKarma vs Flock Social

There are a lot of sites that work to boost your social media accounts. However, it is hard to find the right site to trust. We want to help you, so I’ve decided to compare RiseKarma to the site that works in a similar sphere- Flock Social.

Service Offerings and Features 

Flock Social: Flock Social is all about helping you grow your Instagram organically. They’ve got some awesome services that can boost your presence on the platform. 

RiseKarma: RiseKarma is a site that helps you boost your social media platform. They claim that they have real, organic growth, however, we can’t agree with them.

Follower Quality

Flock Social: the engagement you gain from Flock Social is 100% real and organic. Most of the likes and followers come from real people who are truly interested in your appearance. 

RiseKarma: RiseKarma works with bots and fake accounts. As we’ve seen from reviews, the followers and likes bought from them are unrealistic and very low quality.

Compatibility with Instagram Rules

Flock Social: Flock Social is based on real and organic followers, that have no problems with Instagram rules. The site works with real accounts, so they do nothing illegal.

RiseKarma: Instagram has a very strong privacy policy, so they try to destroy fake followers and fake accounts. If we consider the fact that RiseKarma uses fake accounts, we will discover that the Instagram rules will be against them as well. 

Long-Term Benefits

Flock Social: the engagement you gain from Flock Social will stay with you as long as you like. The new followers will be interested in your updates and keep your account active.

RiseKarma: As Instagram is against fake followers, it will soon remove them from the platform. This way, the new followers and likes bought from RiseKarma will be gone in some time. 

Conclusion for RiseKarma

We’ve discovered very interesting facts about RiseKarma and its work. We must help accounts achieve the right engagement for their social media sites and to chase their dreams. We will always try to help you with the sites like RiseKarma. 

Is RiseKarma legit?

In our opinion, RiseKarma is not a legit site. Considering the facts that the followers and likes purchased from them are not real, they can give you a lot of problems.

Can you get banned from using RiseKarma?

Instagram policy is against fake accounts and bots being involved with your account. This way, once Instagram notices that suspicious accounts are engaging in your posts, it will most likely ban you.

Is RiseKarma worth the money paid? 

In my opinion, RiseKarma is very expensive compared to the work they offer. Paying more than 100$ on followers and likes that will be gone soon is not a powerful move. 

Can RiseKarma give you the results promised? 

RiseKarma can give you the followers you purchased. However, the quality of the followers and likes will be very low. Moreover, Instagram can suspect the fake followers engaging in your account and delete them. 

 Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend RiseKarma?

No, Platypus does not recommend RiseKarma. The site is not legitimate, the followers and likes purchased from them are not real. Moreover, the packages are very expensive so you’d better consider to use a different platform.