PopSocial Reviews – All You Need to Know About This Tool

Succeeding on Instagram would seem right next to impossible if you had to do everything manually. Luckily, there are helpful Instagram marketing tools that understand what you need, help you find your target audience and get the required engagement.

As usual, I’m there to differentiate between the good and the bad Instagram growth services.

Today, I’ll be analyzing PopSocial.

While researching, I couldn’t find many genuine PopSocial reviews on reputable websites such as Trustpilot.com or Sitejabber.com.

Hence, I decided I’d try it out for a month or two and do an in-depth PopSocial review for all Instagrammers who are interested in this tool.

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What is PopSocial for Instagram?

A screenshot taken from Popsocial's website

Here’s the main thing about the PopSocial app: until you try it out, you cannot know for sure what it is.

They claim to be an Instagram growth service (along with some pompous descriptions and clichés), and you won’t find much information on their website. They are super-vague about how they actually grow your Instagram.

And as I mentioned, I couldn’t find a lot of authentic PopSocial reviews online, so the only way to get an objective insight into what it really is was to buy it.

Even when I was about to select the plan, I wasn’t sure what I was getting exactly. There’s no precise description of this tool’s features.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised to learn that it’s not true to the description. PopSocial is not an Instagram growth tool, but rather a disguised Instagram bot.

So, why do they try to hide who they really are?

Because Instagram disapproves of the bots (well, most of them), and your account will keep getting blocked and banned. When using Instagram bots, you need an extra layer of caution.

This left me underwhelmed even before I got to try out this PopSocial Instagram bot’s features.

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How Does PopSocial Work?

There are two sides to this issue: how PopSocial claims to work and how it really works.

Firstly,  you won’t get much info from their website about how this tool works. They will make some general statements, such as “increases your reach,” “grows content engagement,” “optimizes campaign,” etc. But there’s no crux – they do not tell you how they will allegedly do it.

Only when you purchase it will you realize that it is, in its essence, an Instagram bot.

They work by automatizing your Instagram actions, such as likes, follows, comments, DMs, etc.

PopSocial primarily focuses on following accounts that you filtered according to your preferences.

How to Use PopSocial?

If you’re wondering how to set up PopSocial Instagram bot, here goes:

  1. First, you’ll need to enter your info. More precisely, they require your name, email, password, and phone number.
  2. Then you’re redirected to their control panel, where you’ll get the message “You must have an active subscription to continue, please subscribe.”
  3. Purchase the plan that you wish.
  4. Connect your Instagram account to PopSocial.
  5. Next, you choose accounts that you like (or that are your competitors), and PopSocial should automatically interact with them and their followers.

Features of PopSocial

Here’s what I learned about PopSocial features.

Targeting Audience

PopSocial asks you to specify target accounts from your niche so that they can bring their followers to you. Does it work? No, not really.

Automated Action

They like and follow some users, and then expect the same in return. That’s it. On some days, I noticed zero activity from the bot, and on others, there was too much, and my account got banned.

All in all, it is unreliable and inconsistent, and you won’t get real followers by using this Instagram bot.

PopSocial Pricing

Just like everything about PopSocial, pricing is not transparent, and you have to actually sign up to check them out.

Here’s a preview of the most popular tariff plans:

popsocial reviews - pricing

As you can judge by yourself, even their most basic packages are pretty expensive. 

For $75 a month, you’ll get to manage a single Instagram account, and they promise to get you followers. There’s no mention of bot activity, which is actually the core of the service. Plus, they mention “user account support” that is non-existent.

With the PopSocial MAX upgrade that costs you $100 (on a promotion), you supposedly get four times as many followers and traffic. Nope, not true.

Here are some more advanced packages:

The same version of the Pop Social MAX package, only for ten different Instagram accounts, is $850. Needless to say that this hefty price tag isn’t justified.

They even have the “Custom Pricing” Enterprise option that promises unrealistic things and requires you to contact them to get an offer.

I think that PopSocial is reluctant to specify their prices upfront because they are outrageously expensive Plus, who would believe that they will get you more than 2,000 real followers per month?

Is PopSocial for Instagram Legit?

Not only do they not have a FAQ or help page, but it seems impossible to contact their customer support – at least I didn’t have any luck. When I noticed there was no PopSocial activity for weeks, I sent them a couple of emails, but they ignored me.

Also, some reviewers on Reviews.io report that PopSocial kept charging them even after they canceled the subscription. Just like me, they didn’t get a reply from the customer service.

When I connected the dots, I realized that PopSocial is most likely a scam. 

Is PopSocial Safe?

Although PopSocial is not safe for your Instagram account, it’s safe to visit. By this, I mean that it has a secure https website, and your info won’t get stolen. 

The same goes for the payment gateway – it’s fine, though I disliked the fact that the only payment solution they accept is Credit Card. You cannot pay via PayPal and similar methods.

Oh, I also didn’t like the fact that I needed to provide my phone number to sign up (I don’t see why they would need it), but nothing happened afterward – I didn’t receive spam SMS or something like that.


Safe payment gatewayIt is an Instagram bot disguised as a growth service
They won’t get you real followers
Extremely expensive tariff plans
No FAQ page
Scant information on the website
Will get your account banned & blocked
Requires your phone number

PopSocial Reviews: Final Verdict

Nowadays, Instagram is a necessity for all businesses, influencers, and performers. Besides the focus on visuals and your content, you need to build your audience in order to succeed.

You want tools that will help you charge your account and drive the engagement you need.

Is PopSocial one of those tools?

A firm no.

It focuses on shady practices, and it’s not clear who is behind the app. You won’t get real or organic followers that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Plus, your account is at risk of getting banned because they lie about not being an Instagram bot.

Instead, you need a proven tactic for growing your following organically.

I’ve singled out some alternatives that help you grow your Instagram at a reasonable pace, with highly targeted followers, in the table below.

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