Reviews – Is It Really Free? The Truth

It’s not often that you come across a social media growth tool that offers its service for free. So, it’s only natural that you start to question the quality of such service.

There is one tool that claims to be free, called Perfectliker.

Is it really free of charge? Or does it end up costing you more than just money?

You can never really know until you try it, and that’s why I’m writing this review. I want to uncover the entire truth about this firm so you can understand what’s really going on and should you even consider trying it. 

Without further ado, let’s get into my review!

What is Perfectliker?

A screenshot taken from PerfectLiker's website

Before I get deeper into it, I have to tell you about Perfectliker’s website. At first sight, it seems a bit messy, but when you start to read stuff, it gets really confusing. 

A lot of sentences don’t make sense, as if someone used Google Translate to translate it to English from God knows what language. It’s really basic English and someone managed to butcher it.

Yeah, I thought that was really sketchy. 

So, what is Perfectliker?

It’s an Instagram bot, plain and simple. They offer to boost your Instagram account by selling you followers and likes for free, nonetheless. 

It also has a couple of automated features, such as auto likes and auto follows. 

There are a few steps you have to go through to use their service. Let’s see what they are. 

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How Does Perfectliker Work?

Here’s what I didn’t particularly appreciate about Perfectliker. 

To get started, you have to leave your Instagram credentials. Your email or username won’t suffice, and you have to give them the password as well. 

Any service that claims this is a necessity is not being completely honest. Numerous excellent growth services perform well without ever having to know your sensitive info like passwords, so I say it’s all pure rubbish. 

O, so what happens if you decide to give them your credentials? What’s the next step and how do you use Perfectliker?

After you log in, you will be redirected to the user menu where you’ll have to choose between buying likes or buying followers. 

In the next step, you will, as they explain it, receive 20 likes + 10 followers every half an hour as a ‘free member’. I don’t really get the point of choosing either likes or followers if you’re going to get both in the end, but alright. 

Notice how they call you a ‘free member’. This is because they also have VIP plans, which was to be expected. The only problem is, when you click on the VIP button that’s supposed to take you to the VIP plans (logically), it just refreshes the page and nothing else happens. 

I told you the website was a mess. 

Since there’s really no way to access the VIP plans, we can just assume they’re non-existent. 

As a matter of fact, we don’t have to assume. I’ve found a lot of reviews that say they never managed to get to the VIP plans, even after they logged into their Instagram accounts. 

So what’s the point of mentioning VIP plans? I honestly have no idea.

Maybe it’s just a bug on the website, but no one seems to be fixing it.

Perfectliker Features

Free Followers and Likes

Does Perfectliker really get you free followers and likes? 

Technically, yes, but it doesn’t come without strings attached. Let’s first discuss followers, and then we’ll get to the likes. 

Buying followers is a tricky business. 

You have to be extremely careful where you buy them, and how many you buy. I get that it’s really tempting when someone offers a large number of followers really cheap, or in this case for free, but it has its consequences. 

The main issue is that most of the bought followers are fake, i.e. bots. Instagram doesn’t tolerate bots and your account is at serious risk of getting banned. 

Also, Instagram tends to delete bought followers, so it doesn’t really pay off in the end. 

Bought likes will make it seem apparent to other users that you’re using a bot. If a few of your posts have significantly more likes than your other posts, people will realize they’re probably bought.

And, of course, Perfectliker claims all of the bought likes and followers are real people. However, they have absolutely no evidence to backup their claims, and one-star reviews don’t lie. 

The complaints from a multitude of users about getting too many fake followers are just piling on. 

Auto Likes and Auto Follows

Perfectliker has two features that will automatically like and follow other people’s posts. Since there’s no any kind of time filter, it will likely do it all at once instead of sporadically. 

What’s the main issue with auto likes?

What some people are not aware of is that buying likes can get your account action blocked. What does it mean?

In simple terms, you like too many posts too quickly, Instagram realizes you’re using a bot, and it action blocks your account. You can’t use the like feature for some time. 

And getting unblocked is too much of a hassle, so again, it’s not really worth it. 

And this is how these Instagram bots work – they don’t have filters that could spread the likes over a certain time to make it look more natural. 

Invite Friends

Perfectliker has this unique feature where you can receive one extra follower and one extra like for each friend you invite. You get a personal link and if your friend uses it on their website, you’ll get the gifts. 

Customer Support

I couldn’t fail to mention Perfecliker’s customer support, because it’s basically non-existent. The only way you can reach them is through a form on the website where you leave your email, name, and message.

According to customer reviews, they likely won’t respond.

Perfectliker Pricing

Is Perfectliker really free? 

Turns out it is. 

But, will it maybe cost you more than money? Yes. 

If all the automatic likes don’t get your account action blocked, then all the fake followers will for sure get you banned, at some point. It’s only a matter of time. 

I think it’s a huge risk to take, no matter the number of followers you’ll receive or the fact that it’s completely free. 

You just have to ask yourself – is it really worth it?

As for the VIP plans, I guess they’ll remain a mystery. 


The service is freeThe website is a complete mess
Mystery VIP plans you can’t access
No real customer support
Most of the followers are fake
Auto likes get your account action blocked
The possibility of getting banned Review – Final Verdict 

Is Perfectliker worth it?

I don’t think so. 

Albeit free, this service brings you fake follower and bot activity, and we all know how that ends (hint – not pretty).

Instead, I want to recommend to you some of the more reliable growth services that will help you boost your Insta account organically. I’ve listed them above so feel free to browse them!

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