MassLooking Review: Will It Get You Banned? Find Out Now

Story views are key to a successful Instagram growth campaign. I don’t mean just receiving views, but providing them too. 

Given that you’re here, I imagine you already know this. Kudos to you!

The MassLooking software claims it can help you view other users’ stories automatically. Such claims need to be tested, and I took on the job.

Does it work? If yes, is it safe to use? Will it get you banned?

I’ll cover all of this in my MassLooking review. 

It’s right below, so give it a read!

What is MassLooking?

Screenshot taken from Masslooking's website

MassLooking Instagram growth tool is a platform for mass IG story viewing. An Instagram bot automatically looks at other people’s stories on your behalf and does it on a big scale. 

Just how big are we talking? Up to 30 million views per day. 

Of course, this is what the company says, but is it really so?

Yes and no. 

The bot either works poorly or doesn’t work at all. If you’re somehow able to get it running, it’s still unwise to use it. A service like this is against Instagram’s policy and may earn you a ban.

Think about it. If your profile makes millions of views a day, do you think you won’t get caught?

I used it very sparingly and was lucky enough not to get banned. The result: I gained only a few followers in four days. If I kept using it, Instagram would definitely detect it and punish me.

It’s important to note that there are several services with the name MassLooking. The one I used was from As far as I understood, it was founded by a Russian called Alexander Sakharov. 

Some of the others include and All of them apparently do the same thing. However, I didn’t try the latter two, so I can’t tell you anything about them.

If there’s anything I know for sure, it’s this – using mass viewing tools is a gamble that you can’t win.

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How does MassLooking work?

Like I explained earlier, MassLooking uses an Instagram bot to view other users’ stories for you. The software is cloud-based, which means that it can operate independently from your computer. Everything is done through the company’s website. 

How can MassLooking benefit you?

Well, people can see who looks at their stories. If they notice you, they might want to check out your profile, and hopefully, follow you. You have the option to target your audience, so the views won’t spew out in all directions.

It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Sure, but the trouble is that Instagram will ban you if it catches you using it. And, if you run it long enough, you will get caught. 

Services like MassLooking hit the market big time in 2019. They helped to grow many accounts back then, but were quickly picked up and prohibited by Instagram. 

Many such tools, including MassLooking, were not functioning at all for some time. Then, the cunning developers found a way to bypass Instagram’s algorithm. They were back, but not for long. 

IG’s algorithm is constantly evolving. It manages to block the mass viewing software again and again. I assume it’s a matter of time before they all get shut down for good.

How to set up MassLooking? 

The crucial thing is that you go on the right website. As I said, there are a few with the name MassLooking, but the one you need is However, if you type, it will redirect you to the one I first mentioned. 

Once there, sign up for free with your email. Before signing up, you’ll have to accept the agreement by clicking on a slider button. You can check the Agreement on the bottom of the homepage.

After you comply, you’ll receive a confirmation email with which you’ll authorize your account. Then, log in and connect your Instagram profile. 

The next step is to pick the subscription that you want. You can try the service for free for 14 days. When the trial expires, choose between the regular and VIP packages. Pay with your preferred payment method and continue using it.

Since this is a cloud-based software, it’ll run from the moment you activate it until you stop it. Your computer doesn’t have to be on for it to work.

MassLooking Features

If you, despite my warnings, decide to use MassLooking, you’ll need to know what it can do. Or, what it once could do. I don’t guarantee that it functions well now. Nevertheless, here’s an overview of its features.

Auto Story Viewing

No need to mention this one again, but this section calls me to do it. Automatic story viewing is what this tool does. The amount of daily views it makes depends on your subscription. It ranges from 2 to 30 million. 

This service can get you serious exposure, but it can also get you in trouble. What kind of trouble? Three letters – ban. 

Audience Targeting

MassLooking allows you to target the audience whose stories it’ll view. Select an Instagram user of interest. It should be someone in the same niche as you. Then, the tool will look at the stories of that account’s followers. Of course, you can target as many accounts as you want.

Activity Overview

On the dashboard, MassLooking shows stats of its activity. You can see how many stories it viewed per day from how many accounts. It also displays the number of completed cycles, as well as error cycles.

Customer Support

The only way of reaching the support is via Facebook Messenger. If you’re hoping for a quick reply, forget about it. The customer service barely responds, and when they do, they’re not helpful. 

This is especially true when asking for a refund. They go into complete radio silence.

MassLooking Pricing

The service works on a subscription basis. They offer weekly and monthly packages, and a free trial is also available. There are three subscriptions – regular, wholesale, and VIP. The prices are not very accessible, and there are many cheaper services for Instagram growth.

Here, see what they look like:

Their wholesale is a bit of a mystery to me. 

It says that it is suitable for SMM agencies owners and that it can get you a 90%. A discount on which services exactly?

Are story views on wholesale? There’s hardly a need for that since you can (allegedly) get millions of views with the regular package. Masslooking Instagram – Service N1 for Mass Story Viewing

When you click on “More” to try and get some clarification, it takes you to Messenger. I assume this is where you can ask about it. 

The variety of payment options is something that MassLooking doesn’t lack. They accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and several Russian payment services.

Is MassLooking Legit?

Well, I can’t say for sure. They’re somewhere between legit and illegit, but leaning to the illegit side. A quick look at doesn’t give confidence.

The users’ comments are predominantly negative. The recurring complaints were that the tool didn’t work and that it got people banned.

Also, when folks asked for a refund, the company stopped responding to their messages. A few comments claimed that MassLooking kept charging them even after unsubscribing.

Besides this, what’s up with the two domains leading to the same website? I’m talking about and 

I did some Googling, and apparently, MassPoller is a different tool that participates in IG polls automatically. However, I found no such services when I signed up for MassLooking.

Fishy, fishy, fishy.

All of the above is enough reason to avoid this service. But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Is MassLooking Safe?

No, I don’t believe that MassLooking is safe to use. I personally didn’t have safety issues (that I’m aware of). But, there are still tons of things to be concerned about.

First, getting banned from Instagram is nearly guaranteed. 

Second, I couldn’t find any information on whether their credit card payment gateways are verified. To be fair, the latter isn’t such a huge issue, since you can pay via safer methods (PayPal, Google Pay, etc.).

Last, the chances of receiving a refund are close to zero.

MassLooking Pros & Cons

There’s a 2-week free trialIt may get your Instagram account banned
Unresponsive customer service
You can’t get a refund
Many dissatisfied comments on Trustpilot
Credit card payment gateways verification is questionable
Two domains lead to the same website

MassLooking Review: Final Word

Stay clear of MassLooking folks. Or any other mass viewing software for that matter. They used to be potent tools once, but now they’re just troublemakers. 

I’m afraid there isn’t a safe method of making millions of story views fast. The good news is – you don’t need it! There are plenty of other growth tools that provide results without violating Instagram’s policy.

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