LeadFuze Review: How To Figure Out If It Is Legit

Nowadays, even searching the Internet is not what it used to be. Online companies have thrived, businesses have expanded, and information has become more diverse.

Currently, it is much easier to come across unverified comments that arrogantly push you towards a service for which the quality is not 100% confirmed. Luckily, this review is not supported by such influences.

Today I am dealing with LeadFuze, another LinkedIn Automation Tool that should be researched in your favor. Since I had time to get acquainted with this particular service, I can pass on my experiences first-hand.

I’ve done most of the work, and I’m only asking you for one thing: to stay until the end of this LeadFuze review and go through the characteristics of this source with me and find out if it’s legit or not.

When it comes to you, the readers, it is very important to give you freedom of choice and space for other options. However, I wholeheartedly recommend AimFox  – a proven source for those in urgent need of a reliable tool. If this recommendation didn’t convince you, maybe my AimFox review will.

Back to the topic at hand:

LeadFuze: Overview Of The Site

I put together a visual overview of the most significant features that will undoubtedly influence the further development of my opinion.

An updated-customer service.Overemphasized onsite reviews.
The diversity of features to choose from.High prices.
Positive feedback from past customers.
Offers a free trial.

Multiple Option Customer Service

What definitely surprised me, but in a positive way, was the realization of customer service. However, someone who is new to this site would like to get acquainted with its services, so they may choose to turn to an expert.

LeadFuze has actually paid a lot of attention to its customers and contact with them. LeadFuze customer service has many things that give a positive shine to this company.

Potential clients or someone who already uses this tool can choose between LeadFuze demo, group posting, and even becoming an affiliate partner. Also, in addition to these options, there is a template with email and customer service.

Here’s a glimpse of what I just explained.

A screenshot showing customer service.

It is both essential and reassuring to know that freedom is on your side and that you have several options to choose from, depending on the degree of urgency of the case, but also your personal preferences.

Overwhelming Onsite Reviews

What will surely steal your attention for a few minutes is one very common segment on any homepage, and that is onsite reviews. It is not uncommon for companies to set aside a certain spot and save it to promote their services from satisfied customers.

Sometimes it’s a couple of reviews, and sometimes it’s exaggerated comments that you can scroll endlessly. What is undoubtedly important about this, whether it is one or the other, is that it cannot be 100% verified.

There are cases, which we’ve all seen for sure, where “visitors” trust 5-star ratings written by past customers only to be disappointed afterward when they find out that those same comments were written by people working for the company. This can easily give the service a bad reputation.

At LeadFuze, we have a case in which, in the “Customer Testimonials” area, we can read a couple of longer comments from satisfied customers. Since they have background information, they seem legit – but still, you can never be too sure.

A screenshot showing customer testimonials

The API Feature Coming Soon

An unavoidable advantage of LeadFuze is that it offers many different filters and features. That said, this company has decided to introduce an API feature.

A screenshot showing the api feature

For clarifying purposes, the API stands for Application Program Interface. Simply put, this is a set of protocols and tools that contribute to software applications. The API helps users regarding the specifications of software systems and how they work.

The API is not yet available on LeadFuze, as it is probably still being developed, but if this is soon included in the offers of potential users, they will be able to use it to:

  • enrich personal profiles using email or LinkedIn links
  • find leads more easily
  • find specific companies faster
  • pull information from current LeadFuze lists into third-party apps

This feature actually covers most of the work that CRM is in charge of, which is again a big plus because it merges the quick and useful into one service.

If you’ve been wondering for a second “what is LeadFuze’s best feature”, while reading this review, this could be it – so stay tuned and visit the site!

LeadFuze Offers A Free Trial

In many cases, it turned out that advertising is by no means a sufficient indicator that a service is working exactly as described. Therefore, companies that are confident in their services generally opt for a free trial.

LeadFuze gives its interested clients the option of 25 free leads, which is a fair offer. This can be further guidance on whether to use this source or not.

A screenshot showing the free trial option

LeadFuze Pricing

As for the price of using the services, I can say that I have noticed a slight shift in the price increase. This wasn’t a big difference, but if this changes frequently, LeadFuze may lose potential users.

What is new and has not been there until recently is the custom option, which calculates the monthly cost for the services of your choice. This can be useful for some individuals who have to cut the budget a bit or simply do not need everything that is included in the starter pack, for example.

Take a look at what their starter, scaling and custom packages include.

A screenshot showing leadfuze pricing

Positive Feedback In General

Like you, I pay attention to what people outside the site have written about the service and visit legitimate sites where I will not come across potentially fake reviews.

Positive feedback definitely does justice to any online business, and this is exactly what LeadFuze is succeeding in. On numerous review sites, I came across positive customer feedback with detailed explanations of the features. Here’s an example:

 A screenshot showing customer feedback.

Is LeadFuze Worth Your Attention? 

LeadFuze has definitely proven to be a company that offers many different options to its potential customers. Prices may not be the best part of this company, but those who have decided to use the services claim that they are definitely worth the money.

Of course, it is not easy to convince everyone, so there is a free trial that you can turn to if you are suspicious about anything. Even with some minor flaws, there are still many options that you can explore and even contact customer service in a number of ways.

If you’re wondering, “what are LeadFuze’s top competitors” I would say AimFox, an option I’ve already mentioned to you earlier. They have been tested thoroughly by the community and has good reviews as the best alternative for Leadfuze. Check out my review here and decide for yourself.

My Decision

If I am to be completely honest about LeadFuze, my decision would be that if you really want to try the services of this particular tool, you should choose the free trial option first.

After all, if you intend to give a certain amount of money for testing purposes, the starter pack should be your choice. Remember, it’s all about you and your preferences!