Meet Alfred Review – Meeting The Truth And Looking It Straight Into Its Eyes

Funny and creative names aren’t the only criteria that should be taken into consideration when you’re looking for a service that might help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

I’ll support my claim in this Meet Alfred review, so if you’re interested in why I made a statement like that, I recommend you be patient and dedicate a few minutes to read through this article.

The pros and cons of a certain service that you’re considering as your number one choice should be closely looked at before you invest your money in it.

For this reason alone, I’ve decided to make the most complete guide on Meet Alfred and its services. I’ll tell you all about what’s right and what’s wrong; all you have to do is stay tuned and practice a bit of patience.

I won’t keep you waiting for long, so let’s jump straight into the review, and maybe you’ll make up your mind before I give you my final judgment on this service!

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Back to the task at hand:

Meet Alfred Review – Revealing The Truth

Reviewing this product was not an easy job because there was a huge conflict between my personal experience and the experiences I stumbled upon online.

This was all solved when I saw a notification that Trustpilot puts on top of your screen the moment you enter the Meet Alfred review page.

Here’s a picture of that notification:

A screenshot showing a notification that pops up when you search for Meet Alfred on Trustpilot.

Be sure to read that at least two times. This is a huge red flag when you’re searching for a service on a reputable website such as Trustpilot.

Signs like this explains why my personal experience is so much different from the ones I constantly read online.

For example, take a look at these two comments and think about that if someone showed you and asked you if these two are about the same service:

A screenshot depicting a positive comment regarding the Meet Alfred service on Trustpilot.
A screenshot showing a negative comment regarding the Meet Alfred service on Trustpilot.

As you can see, these are two totally different comments regarding the same service from two different users.

This is exactly why the earlier mentioned notification is the first thing that pops up when you search for Meet Alfred on Trustpilot.

Also, the things you find on Scamadviser are quite confusing. The “trustscore” is 100%, but there’s not a single review that you can base this opinion on.

Also, the risk index is safe (100%), but it’s also not based on anything. This information is not quite valid when you don’t have the source of it, so let’s take a closer look at why this is the way it is.

A picture depicting the full overview of Meet Alfred’s page on the Scamadviser’s website.

You see, the first message is also not giving a soothing impression. It says that it’s showing you some older data.

In all my years using this website, I haven’t run into this problem (error 503). This is also another red flag in my books.

A Thing Or Two I Do Like About Meet Alfred

Let’s not get carried away with the disadvantages of this service too much. Don’t worry, there are a few more things I’d like to warn you about, but more on that a little bit later.

For now, let’s take a look at things I see as done well by the Meet Alfred team. The first thing you’ll probably see when you pay a visit to their website is the “free trial” button that is followed by a “no credit card required.”

A screenshot of Meet Alfred’s front page.

These are both things that I do like very much. The first one is that they actually have a free trial that allows the new and potential customers and users to try out their service and see whether they like it or not for themselves.

This is something that many companies don’t have but should implement in their regular practice. It needs to be available for everyone and anyone to try out a service before they decide if they would like to pay for it or not.

Another thing that I like about this option is that they don’t ask for your credit card credentials if you decide to make use of their free trial.

It’s quite rare to see this because most companies will try to lure you into giving your credit card details in order to try out their service, and then they’ll charge you when the trial ends without giving you any heads up.
This leads me to the next big question, which goes something like “how much does Meet Alfredo cost?” which is maybe the most important question for some of you.

A screenshot of Meet Alfred’s prices on their website.

As you can see, the choice is not vast – there are two packages that you can choose from.

Also, some of you might be asking yourselves “Is Meet Alfred cloud-based?”.

It is, and that’s also something that some of you might like. This feature comes strictly to personal preference, so it’s up to you when it comes to cloud-based service.

Personally, I don’t like this feature too much.

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Meet Alfred Review – Final Thoughts

I promised you some other things I don’t like about this service, but in order to keep this short and sweet, I’ve made a pros and cons table that will perfectly describe my feelings about this service without taking too much of your time. Take a look at it:

Has a free trialSeems to abuse the Trustpilot website
Doesn’t require your credit card info for the free trialDuplicates messages
Bad customer support service

There are a ton of negative reviews on Trustpilot regarding this service. If you’d like, you can always check them out for yourself and not go just off my word.

All-in-all, I’d recommend searching for other alternatives because it seems that everything good said about this service is paid for, or a few instances where people didn’t have a fully negative experience with it.

There are so many better services that will take care of your needs that there are exactly zero good reasons for you to risk it with this one.

If you really want to see it for yourself, I recommend you try their free trial option and then make your final decision.

Good Luck!