Instavast Review – How Reliable Is It? – Full Disclosure

Promises made by companies like Instavast sound enticing – but are they too good to be true?

If you’re reading my article, chances are you already know about Instavast and you’re wondering are they the right choice for your Instagram account.

And you’re in the right place.

Today, I’ll tell you all about Instavast and who they really are. 

Does Instavas even work?

And, are they as good as they claim to be? 

I’ve left no stone unturned to find out all I can about Instavast. I’ll tell you about its features, pricing, pros and cons, and of course my final verdict.

So, without further ado, sit back and relax, and let’s get into my Instavast review!

What is Instavast?

Screenshot of Instavast's website

According to Instavast, they are a cloud-based Instagram automation tool. It’s a “complete suite of Instagram marketing tools.”

Instavast offers you to schedule your posts and maintain a social presence. It will manage comments for you and automatically like, follow, and unfollow. 

There is also an automatic feature for direct messages. 

Instavast provides some free tools as well. 

The free ones include hashtag generator, banned hashtags, Instagram downloader, IG username to ID converter, and a local proxy app.  

Instavast is an Instagram tool, and I’m sure you know Instagram has some rules against using bots to manage your account. 

Instagram is very good at detecting bot activity so there are a few risks that come with Instavast, like suspension of your account.

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How Does Instavast Work?

Instavast actually no longer works, but when it did, it required you to download some kind of software on your computer that was suspicious, to say the least.

According to Trustpilot reviews, many of the users were reluctant to do that and to be honest, I would have been to.

If you think about it, it was kind of a red flag.

Why would you need to download unsafe software to use this tool when there are so many similar tools that work perfectly right from the browser?

Let’s say you downloaded everything and you set up your account. 

What was the next step?

Firstly, you have to set up your goals and you have to define your target audience. Then you have to adjust filters and settings, and Instavast will do the rest. 

As an Instagram bot service, Instavast had its ups and downs, so let’s see what they were.

Instavast Features

Instavast is an Instagram-only tool, so all of their services are (naturally) Instagram related. Let’s get into details to see how they really worked.

Instagram Automation

Instavast offered full automation, which in theory, is a real lifesaver.

However, you had to be really careful with this one.

While, technically, you can run it 24 hours a day, you should never do it, as it would make your account seem too robotic it could surpass Instagram’s interaction limits thus triggering Instagram’s detection tools.

This could further result in your account getting suspended or banned. 

So, how did it work?

To use the automation tool, you had to set the target audience and adjust filters. 

After that, Instavast looked for users from your niche and followed them. Instavast firmly claimed these were real people, but I’m still not convinced that’s true.

Although some of the accounts were real, a lot of the users complained they attracted bots to their profile. 

So, what does this mean?

It just shows that their filters and algorithms weren’t as perfect as they claimed.

However, there were some helpful features. For example, you can blacklist users you don’t want to interact with, like your competitors. The tool won’t follow them or leave comments on their posts. 

They also had a multi-lingual dashboard, so if English wasn’t your mother tongue, you could’ve switched to one of the 16 languages they offered.

Automated Direct Messages

Auto messages always seem like a good idea, and while I agree it is, more often than not, it’s executed poorly.

Which is kind of the case with Instavast.

Their idea was to help you engage with potential clients. You could create a few messages up to 500 characters and create various templates. 

You could also include a photo, post, or a link, and then ‘run the campaign’, as they called it. 

All it meant was you had to choose a demographic. Select a gender, a number of followers and posts, and when they last posted. Once you applied the filters, Instavast would send the messages.

While all this sounds amazing, it just didn’t work like that. 

Filters often wouldn’t work and random accounts with no interest in your content would receive messages from you, which I’m sure they considered spam.  

Post Scheduler

The post scheduler was one of the best features of Instavast.

Scheduling your posts can be very useful since there are times of the day when a post reaches more people and has better engagement.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the timetable.

All you had to do was upload the post, edit it, and write a caption. Then you just need to set the desired time for Instavast to publish it.

You had unlimited draft space, so you could edit and schedule as many posts as you wish.

Comment Tracker

The comment tracker feature allowed you to read, reply, delete, and categorize comments on your posts.

They also had a way to delete negative comments automatically. This feature worked partially, depending on the comment.

Buy Likes and Video Views

You could choose one of your current or scheduled posts and buy likes or video views for it. 

There was the option to get likes only from male or female accounts, or accounts from a certain country.

Instavast never said the number of likes in question, so I can’t tell you exactly how many likes you’d receive. 

All of these packages had to be bought separately, and they all included a free trial. Before I get to the pricing, let’s quickly check out the free tools I mentioned earlier. 

Hashtag generator was a free tool by Instavast that would automatically generate hashtags based on photos, posts, and keywords.

The banned hashtag was a feature that allowed you to search a hashtag and find out whether it’s banned by Instagram or not. Most of the banned hashtags include cuss words or hate speech.

Instavast’s Instagram downloader allowed you to download posts, videos, or stories from any account on Instagram.

Besides these, there’s also the Instagram ID converter and the local proxy app.

Instavast Pricing

Instavast had different prices for each package. At first, they seem budget-friendly, but it really depends on how many packages you need, and for how many accounts. 

So in the end, it may not be as affordable as you thought.

This was their price point for the automation tool:

instavast review - pricing

Somewhat cheaper was the direct messages feature:

The comment tracker and the post scheduler were priced the same as auto-messages. These were all monthly prices for one account. 

So, to get all four packages for more than one account, you’d have to spend a few extra bucks.

As for the free trial, you can get it for each of the packages. 

It lasts three days but here’s the issue. They require your phone number.

I don’t know why your email couldn’t suffice, so you had to leave your phone number, especially for a free trial for a service you may end up not using.

Red flag alert!

Is Instavast Legit?

Technically, Instavast was legit but I do not recommend using a service like this one because you could get in trouble with Instagram.

So, maybe they weren’t that legit after all.

Is Instavast Safe?

Instavast wasn’t completely safe to use. 

There were so many red flags from the beginning with the questionable software, to leaving your personal info like phone number (for a free trial).

Not to mention the faulty filters that attracted bots.

Instavast Review: PROS and CONS

The post scheduler worked well.It’s an Instagram bot that no longer works.
It was affordable if you used only one package.You are required to download suspicious software.
They aren’t clear about payment options until you go to checkout.
Their filters for targeting audiences don’t really work.
You have to leave sensitive info, like your phone number.
Your Instagram account could get suspended.

Final verdict

So, what’s the deal with Instavast?

I’d say it doesn’t even matter anymore since they no longer work. 

I generally recommend avoiding tools like Instavast, especially if there are so many red lights. 

Honestly, I don’t think you should leave your personal info to a random site (that does more harm than good) and jeopardize your account.

It’s just not worth it.

Instead, focus your time (and money) on better and safer growth services that help you achieve your Instagram goals.

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