Instamacro Review – Is It A Scam? What Happened to My Instagram?

Instagram marketing is undeniably an excellent way to promote yourself, whether you are a performer, influencer, small business, or a multi-company.

With the popularity high up, it’s no wonder that Instagram growth is one of the most challenging strategies to crack.

You need a high-quality tool that will provide you with infographics, filters, and an appropriate campaign. Only then will you get real followers, which is crucial for success on social media.

Today, I assess an Instagram bot, Instamacro, that promises “unmatched results.”

In the Instamacro review below, you’ll learn whether it keeps the promise.

What is Instamacro?

a screenshot taken from Instamacro's website

Instamacro does not hide the fact that it is an Instagram bot, which is fair enough. I’ve come across tools with vague descriptions only to learn that they were bots when I bought them.

They perform automatized actions – likes, following, commenting, and so on – instead of you.

So, what is the problem with Instagram bots? Are they doomed to fail?

Not necessarily. Some bots that utilize the features to help maximize your organic followers are OK.

But sorting the “good” automation from the “bad” automation is complex. Finding those bots that are actually Instagram-friendly and can get you the most traction is difficult.

In the realm of Instagram marketing, you don’t want your actions to get classified as spam, which often happens when an Instagram bot is deployed. 

So, before you jump to the bot bandwagon, make sure that you’re getting one that won’t get you banned. 

Sadly, Instamacro is not one of them, and I’m going to explain why in a moment.

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How Does Instamacro Work?

Instamacro performs automated activities (like, follow, unfollow) at three speed levels – slow, normal, and fast.

Here’s how all the speed modes worked for me:

  • Slow is as slow as a turtle. At times, I didn’t notice any activity from the bot whatsoever, and all it got me was one follower for the whole week.
  • Normal is what they advise you to use. It supposedly performs “as many actions as allowed” by Instagram, but in reality, it got my account blocked and banned.
  • Fast is too much, and Instagram will ban your account after a couple of hours.

How to Use Instamacro?

Here’s a short guide to using the Instamacro app:

  1. Sign up by using your Instagram credentials.
  2. Choose your subscription plan and buy it.
  3. Choose the actions you want Instamacro to perform.
  4. Set the speed (it can be configured in the “main settings” tab).
  5. Alternatively, select custom tags to target your audience.

Features of Instamacro

I’ve tried out all the Instamacro features so that I can report the outcome back to you.

Automated Activities

Instagram bots perform a range of automatized actions, and some of them even comment and answer DMs instead of you.

However, Instamacro sticks to the following three:

  • Like
  • Follow
  • Unfollow

You can use the former two simultaneously, but following and unfollowing cannot be performed at the same time.

Also, you shouldn’t use Instagram while the bot is working, or it could result in an instant ban. This is inconvenient because you cannot really keep track of its activity.

In all honesty, even when you use the tool at the “normal” speed setting, it feels as if your account will get banned eventually. And it did happen a couple of times.


If you don’t tweak the settings, Instamacro will scan general popular hashtags to engage you with trendy accounts.

You can also choose hashtags from your niche and target a particular audience. There’s also the “exceptions” section that allows you to blacklist people according to hashtags.

Many other tools use gender and location in addition to hashtags to engage you with your desired audience, and Instamacro fails to do it.


Instamacro lists this as another feature, but I look at it as their strategy to make this tool work the way it’s supposed to.

Namely, they advise you to use the Auto-Pause mode around every two hours in intervals of 30 minutes to “keep things discrete and smooth.” This translates to “try to avoid getting banned because we violate the Instagram Terms and Conditions.”

Instamacro Pricing

Of course, I also assessed the billing of Instamacro’s services. I must say I wasn’t satisfied with it. Take a look:

instamacro review - pricing

Instamacro costs twice – sometimes three times as much – as some other Instagram bots.

The set of features you can use does not depend on the plan; only the length of your subscription does.

And the features are definitely not that superb to justify this price tag.

For example, their weekly tariff plan is $17,99, while it’s $59,99 a month. In addition to the set plans, you can also customize them. The maximum you can get is 350 days, priced at $381,50. 

Considering that it does not offer as many features as some other Instagram tools, and that it will get your account banned 99% percent of the time, it’s not worth it.

However, if you want to check it out for yourself, you can sign up for a five-day trial and see how the bot works.

Honestly, even with the promotion, it’s still a rip-off:

Is Instamacro Legit?

I don’t trust Instamacro.

Poor performance aside – many Instagram bots will get your account blocked – but there are no real onsite Instamacro reviews, and their customer support is unresponsive. Plus, you cannot use your account while it’s on for “safety reasons.”

Is Instamacro Safe?

Their website appears to be secure, and you won’t have your information stolen. Payment options also seem okay.

However, the “safe” part is still questionable because of the tool’s performance. You may think that getting your account temporarily banned a couple of times is not a big deal, but it doesn’t sit well with me.

Not only is recovering your account a hassle, but if Instagram notices repeated automated activity, it could get permanently disabled. You should not put your account at that risk for any tool, let alone one that only partially works.


I got a number of followers because of the toolYour account will get blocked and banned
Quite expensive
You cannot use your Instagram while the bot is on
Not many genuine Instamacro reviews
They don’t offer you live support
Misses some automation features
Inefficient at targeting your audience

Instamacro Review: Final Verdict

No one can deny the importance of social media marketing when it comes to building a name for yourself and your brand.

Unfortunately, not with Instamacro.

Back to the question from the beginning – What happened to my Instagram while I was using it?

Not much, except it got blocked and banned.

There are plenty of tools that can actually boost social media engagement, and, better yet, get you real and organic followers. I named a couple in the table above.

These will save you valuable time, which you can then invest in other parts of your job, such as creating fantastic content that fits your audience.

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