Gramto Review: Is It Safe? The Bottom Line

You’re probably familiar with optimal times of the day when you should post on Instagram. The problem occurs when you can’t manage to do it, so you’re looking for an Instagram tool that will do it for you.

In your search, you’ve stumbled upon Gramto – 100% free all-in-one automation tool. Or at least it’s what they claim to be. But is there any truth to this?

Are they really free? 

More importantly – are they safe to use, or is it a scam that could get you in trouble with Instagram?

I’ve carefully researched the Internet to save you some time and give you an overall Gramto review, so let’s get into it!

What is Gramto?

Screenshot of Gramto's website

Gramto is, as they say, “a smart way to gram.” It’s an Instagram bot that’s supposed to help you grow your account. They don’t sell likes and followers, they only perform Instagram activities on your behalf.

The website also says they do it for free. However, there’s a pricing list.

Yeah, I was confused as well. 

I know what you’re thinking – this is a tip-off that’s something’s not right about this.

Why would you write that something is free and at the same time charge for it? 

While the prices are affordable (I’ll get to that later), it’s still a shady move.

Furthermore, Gramto claims they can help you reach 900+ million users easily. 

This sounds very promising, but how do they do it? They don’t really say. I guess it’s by using the auto-follow, auto-unfollow, auto-like, and auto-post features. But almost a billion users is a huge number you shouldn’t just say willy nilly.

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How does Gramto work?

According to Gramto, they will do everything for you.

They will post your scheduled posts, automatically follow accounts from your niche, and unfollow irrelevant accounts. Furthermore, they can auto-repost, auto-like and auto-view stories on your behalf. On top of that, they will automatically send direct messages to your followers.

While, in theory, this sounds like an excellent automation tool, it simply doesn’t meet expectations. 

In reality, the Gramto automation platform doesn’t really work that way. Most of the features don’t do what they’re supposed to, with the exception of automated posts and likes. 

You can still schedule posts, and Gramto will post them for you. While it does that, at the same time it breaks Instagram’s Terms of Service, which they say is not their fault (more on that later).

This is a major concern since it could consequentially get your account removed or deleted permanently. 

If you’re looking for 100% safe automation tools, there are numerous better alternatives that I’ve listed at the end of the article.

Gramto features

I’ve given you a general idea of what Gramto’s supposed to do, but let’s get into details to see what it is they offer. 

Import from Cloud

Gramto allows you to import photos and videos from Cloud, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can also import directly from your device. 

The option to import from Cloud is nothing revolutionary, but it can come in handy if you prefer to store your files there instead on your device. 


Gramto uses the auto-follow feature to follow accounts based on criteria you previously set. They claim this is a great way to gain followers, but they can’t guarantee all those accounts will follow you back. 

Plus, they don’t have a strategy to separate bots from real people. You could easily end up following bots and have them follow you back. Keep in mind that Instagram’s not a fan of bots!

Also, there’s no limit to a number of accounts it will follow at once, and following too many users at a time could put your profile on the radar, and let Instagram know you’re probably using a bot to do it for you.


Gramto can also unfollow accounts for you based on certain criteria. It usually unfollows accounts that don’t follow you or accounts that it previously followed.

This feature has the potential to be very useful if it would filter and unfollow fake or bot accounts. Since that’s not the case, I’m not sure what is the point of it.

Auto direct messages

Another great feature – in theory. 

For this feature to work, it’s got to seem as natural as possible. If you’re going to send automated messages, then you should have the option to set a syntax that creates messages real people would actually say. 

In Gramto, you can predefine your messages, but they still resemble an AI instead of a real human being.


Automated comments are a great way to reach more people, but they have to make sense. Also, they have to be pointed at targeted users and not just anyone. 

You can predefine comments that Gramto will leave on other posts, but the problem can happen if a certain post has a deeper context than Gramto realizes, so they end up leaving a completely inappropriate or irrelevant comment.


As I said, Gramto doesn’t sell likes. It likes other posts for you, hoping to gain likes or follows in return. 

Auto-like is one of the crucial features for expanding your reach and growing your account. You can target users by hashtags, locations, or usernames. You can also target the followers of your competitors and make them notice you. This is a smart strategy to reach more people from your niche, and it’s one of the best features of Gramto.

Auto-view stories

Finally, there’s a feature that will automatically view stories from accounts you follow or other public accounts. It’s supposed to see hundreds of stories daily, but Gramto doesn’t state how they filter whose stories they open, so I’m not really sure what their strategy is here. 

Pricing of Gramto

The fact that Gramto says it’s free but at the same time has a pricing list is a bit off-putting. Even when you Google them, the first thing you’ll see is ‘100% free’. Is it a clickbait or their way of saying ‘100% free for three days’, I’m not sure. 

You do get it for free, but only for three days. If you’re eager to try Gramto, use the free trial: 

Note how it says ‘per month’, but I guess it’s a bug since you can only use a free trial once.

If in the end, you opt for Gramto, you’ll be offered three deals: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Gramto review - Pricing
So much for the free automation tool, huh?

Is Gramto legit?

I like to be thorough, so I did in-depth research and I read their terms of service. First of all, they state it is your own responsibility to comply with Instagram rules, and that you use Gramto at your own risk. 

Secondly, if your account gets banned, they are in no way to blame. They also won’t notify you in case the terms are suddenly changed, and they don’t offer refunds. 

All this raises a legitimate question – how honest are they and how legit their service is? 

According to some Gramto reviews, it seems to be a legit business. However, many of their customers on Trustpilot and SiteJabber write about them with a negative sentiment, so the comments are very mixed. 

Some users even complained they ended up banned from Instagram due to breaking their terms of service. 

Gramto has a couple of safe and useful features, like the auto-likes and auto-follows. It’s just not clear whether those accounts are bots or not. If these are the only features you need, Gramto could work for you.

Is Gramto safe?

As far as sensitive account info, Gramto is safe. They don’t ask for your password and their terms of use state that there are no third parties involved. 

They’re not very clear when it comes to payment. In fact, you can’t see any payment options they offer (credit card, PayPal…) until you proceed to checkout.

While your Instagram account info will remain protected, there’s not much information regarding your credit card info. 

Plus, they don’t offer refunds which is a bit odd for a service of this kind.

Gramto PROS and CONS

Has some features that are safe to use.They’re not clear about payment options until you go to checkout.
Some users got banned for breaking Instagram’s terms of service.
They don’t provide you with real followers.
They don't offer a refund.
According to their terms of use, Gramto is not to be held responsible in case your account gets banned.

Final verdict

Is Gramto your best option when it comes to automated Instagram tools?

Personally, I’m not convinced. 

While its features sound compelling, there are too many red flags that should not be disregarded. And when safety is at hand, they definitely shouldn’t be ignored.  

Although there are a few handy features that could work well for your Instagram account, I’m just not sure it’s worth jeopardizing your account and sensitive info.

If you want to grow your Instagram account, give a try to one of the safe automation tools that I’ve listed in the table below.

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If you still need help deciding which tool to use, check out the table below! Some works better than others so take your pick wisely.

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