Gold Nitro Review: Is It Useful? All You Need To Learn

They’ll stick an “Instagram growth service” label on anything these days. 

I’m trying to say that there are many, many dubious companies floating around. Some of them have such crooked practices that it’s a miracle they even exist.

The good ones are hard to find, and you need them if you want to grow your Instagram presence.

So, is Gold Nitro any good? 

This company used to be a big dog once, but now it seems like they’ve bid us farewell. 

Is the service really gone? If yes, what happened?

Get updated on all of this with my Gold Nitro review.

What is Gold Nitro Instagram?

A screenshot taken from Gold Nitro's website

Before I start, I want to answer an important question: 

Is Gold Nitro working in 2020?


The company closed for reasons as of yet undisclosed. Nevertheless, I’m going to explain how it worked, and give my ideas on why it’s gone. 

The Gold Nitro Instagram growth service was in the business of selling automated engagement. Their tool performed actions such as auto-liking, auto-following, auto-commenting – the whole nine yards. All you had to do was target your audience and let the automation roll.

It was a classic bot-centered app, the kind that Instagram oh-so dislikes. If you’re new to IG growth services, you may not know that using bots may get you banned. 

Yup, it’s true. 

Go and read some Gold Nitro customer reviews, and you’ll see that many of their users experienced this.

In 2019 Instagram started an aggressive campaign against automation. Since then, hundreds of bot-based agencies have been forced to close down. 

Those who manage to stay afloat do this by frequently changing their code. However, it’s an uphill battle because IG’s algorithm is constantly getting better at detecting them.

I assume that Gold Nitro couldn’t take it anymore. During their final year, their services were suffering badly. The company was unable to do what it promised. 

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How Does Gold Nitro Work?

Gold Nitro shut down a while ago, so I’ll explain what it looked like when it was functional.

This information may prove useful in avoiding similar companies. The botting technology they use is against Instagram’s Terms Of Service. It might get your account action-blocked, suspended, or banned.

The app required you to specify your target audience. You could do this by using hashtags, location, and account names. It was a basic form of targeting, but a relatively effective one. 

Once the goal was set, you let Gold Nitro like, follow, unfollow, and comment on your behalf. It would interact with thousands of profiles automatically. The idea behind this was that folks who received engagement from you would want to return the favor. 

Did this model work?

Well, it used to in the past, but at some moment, it turned into a horrible thing. I’ll talk about the horrible part later.

How To Use Gold Nitro?

Gold Nitro required minimal effort to set up. 

All you had to do is go to their website and sign up for a free trial. After your Instagram account was connected, you could adjust the targeting and fire away. 

Once the 30-day trial was over, you had to choose between Standard and Pro subscriptions, which I’ll discuss in a minute. 

That’s all there was to it.

Gold Nitro Features

Gold Nitro was a straightforward automation tool without too many options. Below, you can read about what it was capable of. 

Auto Engagement

Like I already said, Gold Nitro was based around automatic engagement. It could like, follow, unfollow, and comment on your behalf. The comments were only available in the Pro version, though. 

Tons of other services do what Gold Nitro did, and I don’t recommend any of them. Why? Because this type of technology gets users banned. Simple as that. That’s what started happening to Gold Nitro’s customers and was the first sign of their subsequent downfall.

Audience Targeting 

The targeting options differed depending on the subscription package you bought. The Standard package got you hashtag targeting only. The Pro package included location and targeting of other users’ followers. 

Did this feature work well?

Not exactly. 

I’ve found instances of users complaining about how Gold Nitro liked porn accounts for them. Imagine the damage that this could have done to someone’s reputation.


Gold Nitro provided you with a log of its activity. This allowed the users to see what the tool had been doing and the results that it had achieved. It was fairly useful because it gave people information on where to focus their targeting more.

Customer Support

The company had live Zendesk chat support, which worked fine in the beginning. As the service slowly began to crumble, so did the support. Many customers claimed how they never received any answers or the help they asked for.

Gold Nitro Pricing

As I mentioned earlier, Gold Nitro offered a 30-day free trial and two monthly subscription packages – Standard and Pro. They changed the cost a few times, and the last pricing I found was $39 for Standard and $69 for Pro. That’s for a month of their services.

That doesn’t seem like too much money, right? 


For the limited services they offered it was a lot. There are plenty of better (safer) tools that cost way less.

Is Gold Nitro Legit?

Gold Nitro started out as a somewhat legit service. This was back when Instagram didn’t mind automation. However, the platform’s rules changed, but Gold Nitro didn’t. At this point, they lost all the (shaky) legitimacy they had.

The company started underdelivering, and customers didn’t get all that they paid for. Also, people received tons of fake followers. The followers then either disappeared or the users had to unfollow them manually, as the automatic feature didn’t work.

The customer service stopped replying to requests for any kind of help. This means that refunds were out of the question.

But, this isn’t even the worst part.

I’m going to talk about the really bad stuff in the upcoming section.

Is Gold Nitro Safe?

From all the testimonies I read, I can conclude that Gold Nitro was utterly unsafe. 

Not only did they get many of their users banned, but some accounts even got hacked. In the case of the latter, people weren’t able to retrieve their Instagram profiles at all.

I hate to say it, but it’s good that the tool isn’t around anymore.


It had a 30-day free trialIt got people banned
Some of its users got hacked
It was overpriced
Customer support rarely replied
They under delivered
It may have been a successor of a company that was shut down before it

Gold Nitro Review: Final Verdict

Was Gold Nitro ever a useful growth tool?

It looks like it was, but that was a long time ago. Its final year was more than terrible, which is probably why it closed. 

You can take Gold Nitro as an example of a company to avoid. Instead, opt for organic growth agencies. They’re the ones that’ll provide you with long-term results.

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