Expandi Review – Is Safety Your Number One Priority?

If you ask people what’s their number one priority when using LinkedIn, the most common answer would be “security”. Expandi prides itself on being one of the most secure companies that provide services in this line of work.

This is a pretty big claim, so it requires a little bit of digging to find out the truthfulness of this statement.

Knowing fully well how important being unbiased in these kinds of situations is, I have completely separated myself from every bit of information I knew about Expandi and tried to approach it as a service that I have never heard of.

So let’s find out is Expandi safe and what is Expandi actually, because the most important thing when choosing a new service to rely on when your LinkedIn profile is at stake is to feel and be safe and know what you’re dealing with.

So without further ado – let’s just jump straight into the review!

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Back to the review…

What is Expandi? – The Basics

Expandi is a LinkedIn tool that claims will help you automatize the interactions and activity of your profile.

If you look at it, it’s quite basic for a service that is in this complicated field. But, don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

There are a lot of companies that claim to have it all under control but actually don’t, while you can find a few companies that actually do take care of their customers and their needs.

It looks like Expandi does check some of those boxes and actually does provide some of the things they promise on their website:

A screenshot depicting promises the Expandi gives on their website.

As you can see, these are some quite serious promises that they are making. Now, it’s not just important to make a promise.

The important thing is to keep these promises and provide the service on a level that you’re advertising.

Let’s see what percentage of these promises Expandi really does keep. In the rest of this article, I’ll be going in depth trying to search for their rate of success.

Automation – Is It Really Good?

Before you get yourself deep into the intricacies of specific features, let’s get a few things about the ultimate goal of using apps such as these.

Automation is the ultimate goal of all of these apps that are similar to Expandi. Well, what is actually the automation process?

It consists of a few features that will automate your LinkedIn profile to minimize your work and maximize the end result.

Is this process safe? Is it legal? Well, although being safe, it’s not the cleanest thing you can do with your profile.

LinkedIn is quite strict about its terms and conditions of use which prohibits robot-like and non-human behavior.

This is done to prevent people from exploiting the system and getting an unfair advantage over the ones that don’t use these kinds of services.

Expandi claims that they really do protect their users from being tracked and punished for that by using some specific features that make your automation human-like.

How do they do that?

Well, for example, they randomize the time between interactions between your profile and other people’s profiles.

You might ask yourself “Is this enough?”

It could be, depending on how much a person uses this automation service.

Let me explain – the less you use this kind of tool, the smaller the possibility of LinkedIn algorithm catching you.

There isn’t much reason to worry when a service provides this kind of randomization to your profile’s involvement.

Also, there’s the feature that promises that every new account that subscribes to their network gets its own proxy IP address with a special algorithm that mimics human behavior.

Strategies And Hacks

Although it can sound cheesy, Epandi does offer you a couple of tips and tricks related to your LinkedIn profile and your behavior on the platform.

A screenshot of a strategy on the official Expandi website.

I was confused with this because this is primarily an automation tool, but it seems like they also advise you on your own behavior and patterns that can help you use LinkedIn’s platform with a better success rate.

There are about five different growth hacks such as this one above that you can find on their official website.

I personally do like this feature because it shows that they don’t only care about selling you their automation tool, but also care about you as a customer and a consumer.

Don’t get me wrong, it seems that every single one of these “hacks” ends up with the last step being you using their automation service because it’s “crucial” to your LinkedIn success rate.

It is clear that it’s just a marketing trick, but it still stands out from some other websites that offer the same service under the same conditions.


As I said earlier, Expandi does take pride in being recognized as one of the safest services there are, but is that completely true?

There are some forums and blogs that do dispute this fact, and one of the bigger ones I’ve come across is the Jonathan Spire blog.

A screenshot of a table one Jonathon Spire blog about Expandi.

It seems like every single generic feature here is ticked, besides the security one and the “good reviews”.

What does this mean? Well, you can’t make up your mind by looking at just one blog post. Although you should take everything you read into consideration – take it with some reserve!

Expandi really does seem safe, but don’t forget about the possibility that a few people had a bad experience with them and that’s why you can’t seem to find anything good about Expandi’s security on this website.

What’s important to customers when talking about LinkedIn security? This is my list:

  • Protection of my personal information
  • Protection of my profile with good automation
  • Risk-free services and widgets
  • My personal data being protected

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to protect this kind of information and offer this kind of service.

It seems like nobody has ever complained about Expandi compromising any of those, so in my books, it’s good and safe to use to an extent.

Scouring the internet for a service that just works is hard. Not only it is time-consuming, some of them aren’t safe. Good thing I found Aimfox. It’s well reviewed by the community and is the best recommended alternative for Expandi. Still not convinced? Check out my in-depth review here.

Expandi Review – Final Thoughts

To be sure that you got a good grasp of all the features I wrote about today, let’s take a look at a pros and cons table about Expandi’s service that I’ve made:

Human-like automationSelf-promoting “hacks” that require their service
New Proxy IP for every new userThe medium possibility that LinkedIn will ban you
Decent securityCould actually be cheaper for first-time customers

As you can see, there’s as much good stuff as there’s bad stuff about Expandi and its service. 

When this is the case and you’re still not sure about using a service like this, I highly recommend searching for an alternative, and if you don’t find one in that price range to return and try using it.

So, be careful, don’t jump to any conclusions, and keep your information safe because it’s priceless!