Stim Social Review – What Stands Behind A Pretty UI? Is There More?

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In the sea of Instagram tools, there are some that have a distinct “ding” to their name. Stim Social is one of those tools, and I’m here to tell you if that’s based on the actual strong suits of Stim Social or is it all just a scam.

Well, like with all similar platforms, there are some moments where Stim Social shines, a there are others where it’s best left forgotten.

But is it worth your time? Should you even consider it?

Those are just some of the questions I aim to answer with this Stim Social review. It’s important that customers know what they’re getting instead of just hoping to get what’s advertised.

So, now that you know what to expect from this review let’s jump right in and see whether Stim Social is worth your time and money or not!

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What Is Stim Social?

Most of you that are reading this probably know that Stim Social is one of many Instagram growth tools that help you or your client boost their follower count and even get some engagement on their posts.

Now, this is a pretty simple concept, but there are a lot of intricacies behind it.

So what is Stim Social?

It’s a platform that guarantees an increase in your social media presence and a boost for your outreach on Instagram.

In their words, it will provide you with:

  • Location targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Profile targeting
  • Security increase
  • Real, engaging followers

Now, this really seems cool on paper, especially when it comes with a price tag of only $49, but is it all that glamorous?

Stim Social is one of those services that guarantee you that through them, you’ll be able to organically grow your outreach and gain followers that are actually interested in what you’re posting on your Instagram.

Whether it’s food, fitness, or any other popular industry that you’re targeting, Stim guarantees you’ll reach your targeted audience.

But it’s not all that pretty. I’ve tried to find out what other people thought of Stim Social after using it, so I wouldn’t burn myself unnecessarily, and I was right to do so.

I’ve never seen such split reviews about a service in my life. And it’s not small differences, it’s either phenomenal or disgustingly dysfunctional, and that started worrying me.

How is it possible that so many people have such different experiences with the same service? Is it a consistency problem, or is it a personal expectation problem?
Stick around, and you’ll find out very soon.

How Does Stim Social Work?

For a platform that’s aimed towards no particular group, it’s important that it works on simple principles so anyone and everyone that’s looking to grow their Instagram can use it without any difficulties or reoccurring problems.

Stim Social is essentially an Instagram bot that does all the things quietly, in the background, without really bothering you. It’s designed to like, follow, and comment – engaging with your targeted audience and boosting your presence on the platform & the market you’re targeting.

But unfortunately, Stim Social has proven more than once that their service is unreliable and quite clunky at times, meaning it can bring more problems than it was supposed to bring solutions to the table.

This isn’t something that should be overlooked since a bad Instagram bot can label your account as a scam and can result in the people you’re looking to attract actually avoiding engagement with you.

This means that the mistakes that Stim Social makes are easily noticeable, even to casual users of Instagram, which isn’t something you should be looking for in an Instagram bot service that can cost hundreds of dollars.

But let’s see how people from Stim Social envisioned their product working.

This was supposed to be a platform that allows your account to automatically engage with your potential followers, targeting them by several different measures.

It was supposed to take into consideration the location of the accounts that it interacts with, as well as the hashtags they’re interacting with and their overall activity and profile.

Well, this isn’t what always happens since people have complained about Stim Social not targeting their desired audience as promised.

Also, these bots need to mimic human behavior since Instagram has a strict policy about bots, bought followers, and anything to do with paying for growth.

It’s sad to see that people have lost their accounts over using Stim Social since their bot isn’t even close to mimicking human behavior.

Here’s a review from a trusted website called Trustpilot that a dissatisfied customer left:

Now, you should keep in mind that this was written over a year ago and that Stim Social is now called Stim Social V2, meaning they claim to have improved their service and overall customer experience.

But, I regret to tell you that there are many negative reviews dating back to this year, that look a bit like this:

Customer support should be one of the most important features, if not the most important feature, of achieving a customer satisfaction rate.

If the customer support isn’t good, then the product itself doesn’t matter as much since when you have a problem, there’s no one to speak to about it.

Stim Social Features

Regardless of the negative overall feel of this Instagram service, let’s see what they offer you. It’s important to go over all the things you’re promised as a customer so you know what to expect in case you decide to go with this particular Instagram bot.

Targeting Options

Stim Social offers two packages, and both contain targeting options. This is pretty much the gold standard of Instagram bots and is expected to be featured in this price range (which we’ll talk about in a minute).

They offer:

  • Location targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Profile targeting

Location and profile targeting is quite a nice feature to have, but hashtag targeting is old news, and not much engagement comes from it. I understand that they’ve featured it because all of their competition also offers it, but it shouldn’t be listed as one of the leading targeting features.

Personal Account Manager

This is a feature only available for those who pay for the “Managed plan”, which is twice the price of a regular plan.

They say that the plan featuring the personal account manager feature is recommended for influencers, businesses, and agencies. This is a red flag by itself since an account manager is a pretty standard feature.

A personal account manager should, in theory, help you grow your Instagram page and allow you to put out meaningful content for your followers that are actually interested in what you’re posting. Still, I haven’t seen one good review about the personal account manager from Stim Social.

Customer Support

They have a “Support” option, but it’s hidden in the footer of their website. I presume that’s because of the overwhelmingly negative sentiment surrounding their previous customer support system.

These kinds of comments are seen most often when you scroll through Trustpilots’ page on Stim Social:

It’s so unfortunate to see a company offering services and not paying nearly as much attention to customer support as they should.

Stim Social Pricing

The pricing on Stim Social is simple and quick to read, here are the two plans they offer:

With two plans that cost 100% more (or less) than the other one, there’s not much to choose from. The $49 deal is a basic subscription that doesn’t offer you much but requires a lot of money to even begin with.

The second, Managed plan, costs a whopping $99, which is quite overpriced for the features it provides.

I’ll firmly stand by my decision to deem these plans highly overpriced and unreasonably costly since there are competitors on the market that will either give you more for the same price or give you exactly what Stim Social offers for less money.

There’s one more thing that’s well hidden on their website, and that’s the “Stim Social Agency program”, which offers quite a lot of features.

Still, it seems that nobody uses it (including me), which only means one thing – unnecessary & overpriced.

Is Stim Social Legit?

Sadly, I’ll have to say no. Even after the rebranding, it seems that people have had some awful experiences dating back to this year. That can mean that the platform isn’t as bad as it used to be – but it shouldn’t be your goal to spend money on something less bad than it was.

Pros & Cons Of Stim Social

User Interface looks amazingBig number of negative reviews
Potentially overpriced

Stim Social Review – Summation

I hope I’ve cleared the air around Stim Social and shown you what to look for – and what to avoid. It’s always unfortunate when you run into a service that promises a lot and doesn’t bring almost anything.

It’s even more unfortunate that the internet is full of those services and that it’s becoming harder and harder to detect them.

After all that I’ve discussed here, I’ll have to tell you to stay away from Stim Social and try to find a better alternative that either gives you more for that price or actually offers you a working service similar to Stim Social’s but for less money.

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