Stim Social Review: What’s the Truth – Is It A Scam?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, and it continues to grow in popularity.

Thus, it’s no wonder that brands and influencers see the potential in Instagram marketing, and it’s their preferred network.

Instagram marketing tools are keeping up with the changes, and promise the sharpest and smartest features to help Instagrammers reach their goals.

In this Stim Social review, I’ll present to you whether this Instagram bot can generate the desired user engagement and grow your Instagram account.

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What is Stim Social?

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Stim Social is an Instagram (and TikTok) bot. It should find your target audience and connect you with them. The successful outcome would be more followers and overall Instagram growth.

It claims to do so by performing some automated activity (I’ll go over that shortly).

However, after conducting thorough research, I learned that Stim Social seems a bit vague.

First of all, there’s no accurate description of its features. By their headlines “attract new followers, increase product sales,” etc., you probably wouldn’t even be aware that it’s an Instagram bot.

And Instagram’s algorithm does not really approve of the bots’ practices.

It’s not clear who is behind the company, either – there’s no “about us” page, and it’s hard to reach their management.

All of this led me to the conclusion that Stim Social is white-labeled by some other Instagram growth companies, which hints that it might be a scam.

Still, I decided to try it out and solve the matter once and for all, as I couldn’t really find many Stim Social reviews on the internet.

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How Does Stim Social Work?

The Stim Social Instagram Bot mostly performs automated Instagram activities (such as comment, like, follow, etc.) with the promise to engage you with your target audience.

Overall, I would deem its performance unreliable and inconsistent. Sometimes, it works for a certain period (although I’m not so sure about the nature of the followers), and sometimes it completely stops working.

Ironically, the best performance occurred during the free-trial period. After that, I experienced regular bugs.

Also, if there’s too much activity on bot’s behalf, Instagram will most likely ban your account.

How to Install Stim Social?

To use Stim Social, you should first sign up with your email and password. It also requires you to enter your phone number, which is something I don’t see quite often.

The tool will then ask you to connect your Instagram account with the service.

Next, you should set up filters for your target audience, such as similar accounts, hashtags, locations, and so on.

By the way, you shouldn’t use your Instagram app while Stim Social is active – not even sign in from your web browser – or it could result in a ban.

So, there’s no possibility to keep up with its actions in real-time (or post something, answer your DM’s, etc.).

Features of Stim Social

The StimSocial official website description does not explain which automated features they use to bring you the desired results.

I had no idea how it worked until I actually tried it out.

Finding the Target Audience

You should enter as many filters as you can to help Stim Social find your target audience.

For instance, you should include at least five popular accounts from your sphere of interest. Listing the competition is good because you want the same followers to follow you, too.

Next, you can filter the target accounts based on gender, hashtags, location, etc.

This is indeed a legit technique of bringing real and organic followers to your account.

However, I’m not sure that Stim Social uses it appropriately. Many new followers I got seemed entirely randomized, and some accounts even looked fake.

The whole point of targeting people from your niche is to get real users to follow you. So, these results left me underwhelmed.


The auto-like feature is one of the most commonly used automated actions by Instagram bots. Stim Social is no different.

They use the data you provided them with to like related posts. The idea is that the users will see you like their content and check out your profile.

There are two kinds of auto-likes. As Stim Social labels them, “growth likes” connect you with people who don’t follow you, and “engagement likes” refer to the ones directed at your followers.

This is one of the rare features that worked well, and I noticed that Stim Social liked quite a few photos and videos.

However, had the activity been slightly more aggressive (as in, more auto-likes in a certain time period), your account would be at risk of getting banned.


Remember the famous hashtag #follow4follow?

Well, auto-follow is basically an Instagram bot version of that.

It automatically follows accounts from your target niche, with the hope that they will follow back.

To be honest, on some days, I have noticed that Stim Social followed a couple of related users, and on some, I detected zero activity.


Stim Social also automatically views others’ stories for you. The reasoning is the same – it should notify other users that you’re there and that you want to interact with them.

Growth Monitoring

The service provides you with insights and analytics of the followers you made, the percentage of growth, etc.

As I wasn’t sure that the followers I’m getting were real and organic, I didn’t pay much attention to the actual numbers.

Clean Feed

Now, this one is a bit odd.

It mutes all the new followers to keep your feed “clean.” I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s a strategy to hide the real nature of the followers (and the lack of their authentic content).

Stim Social Pricing

Remember how I said that their website is vague? They do not even have a pricing page. 

You have to go through the five-day free trial and then decide which package you want. I don’t want to sound skeptical, but I believe there’s a reason that Stim Social worked almost flawlessly during the free trial only to deteriorate when I actually purchased the plans.

There are three tariff plans:

  • Fast ($9.95 a month)
  • Turbo ($19.95 a month)
  • Extreme ($29.95 a month)

The main difference between them is the supposed growth speed.

Fast performs up to 350 automated actions a day, Turbo 700, while they don’t state the Extreme plan’s maximum. They just claim that the tool strives to achieve as many automated actions as possible without going over Instagram limits. 

Clean Feed is available only with Turbo and Extreme. You can also purchase “Direct Messages,” but in my experience, bot messages result in a direct ban 99% percent of the time. And this service only supports ten custom messages.

However, as I mentioned, the growth speed and the actual results are very unpredictable, so I don’t think that pricier packages are worth it.

Is Stim Social Legit?

According to the TrustPilot reviews, people have had a similar experience as me. And the web reputation is something that shouldn’t be neglected.

Of course, I am unbiased, and I decided I’d try out the service no matter what other Stim Social reviews say.

There are a lot of hiccups in operation, and it’s struggling to find the right audience. I believe it’s a service made by another company that’s trying to trick as many people as they can into buying the paid packages.

Is Stim Social Safe?

While they have a secure website, this is the only part I’d label “safe” – your information won’t get hacked. The payment gateway is okay, too. I didn’t detect anything related to malware or phishing attempts.

But they don’t provide transparency in their pricing, it’s not clear who they really are, and there are a lot of bugs. While I was using it, it felt that I was constantly on the verge of having my Instagram account blocked.

I didn’t like how I couldn’t open my Instagram app while the bot is active. Thus, if something had happened, I wouldn’t be able to react quickly.

Stim Social PROS and CONS

Intuitive interfaceUnresponsive customer support
You don’t have to download it to use itUnreliable performance
Risk of getting banned
You cannot use your Instagram simultaneously with the bot
Doesn’t bring you real followers
Shady marketing campaign, without stating their description and pricing

Stim Social Review: Final Verdict

The right Instagram marketing tools help you stay engaged with your followers and provide steady Instagram growth. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

After spending over a month testing Stim Social, I can conclude that it’s not worth it.

Its descriptions are misleading, and the free trial worked better than the actual paid service.

It’s better to stick to the attested alternatives I’ve mentioned above. They bring organic Instagram traffic without putting your account at risk.

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