Sociaal monk website

Social media is currently the most significant factor in people’s lives. People of all ages, from kids to teens to adults, have social media accounts. A portion of the population desires to become well-known via social media. We’ll talk about the tools today that can help you grow your social media following. 

What is Socialmonk?

One tool for social media growth is SocialMonk. They’ll help you grow your Instagram following and give your account a boost. You will have the chance to become well-known on Instagram in this method. Additionally, you might consider becoming an influencer. 

How does SocialMonk work?

Socialmonk is an easy-to-use website. They give you a headache-free way to quickly grow your Instagram account. But now, let’s talk about using their website.

Go to the website

You must go to the website first. It can be found at As you can see, the website features incredibly lovely and vibrant colors. Be aware that a video may be played while you visit their website; try not to become upset. 

Make a registration

To take advantage of the platform, you must first register with the website. Your first and last name, email address, Instagram username, card details, and a host of additional details are needed for Socialmonk. The fact that a social growth site needs so much information raises some red flags. 

Proceed with the payment

Once the registration process is complete, you can select and buy the package you wish to utilize. You don’t need to enter your card information again because it has already been entered. 

What are Socialmonk’s features?

Increasing Your Following

You may get your Instagram account back and increase the number of followers you have with SocialMonk. Additionally, they offer you the opportunity to gain daily popularity on Instagram. 

Are SocialMonk followers real accounts or bots?

The majority of the followers you get from them are, as far as I can tell, bots and phony accounts. Reviews have revealed that the followers the firm offers are phony despite their claims to have actual followers. 

What is SocialMonk pricing?

We have investigated the Socialmonk cost. They appear to offer four primary packages: “starter,” “default,” and “business.” and business pro. Let’s talk about them:

How much does SocialMonk charge for followers? 

The 29 euro monthly starter subscription includes features like Quality daily growth, Targeted growth, Organic growth, Real followers, Steady daily growth, and more.

The elements of their first plan are now available in their second plan, along with “Double growth.” Apart from charging an additional monthly price of 59 euros, they don’t outline any new features or offer any evidence of how they will genuinely provide you with improved outcomes. These two packages, in my opinion, are mostly intended to deceive you with attractive offers and steal from you while you’re fooled.

But you haven’t seen what the other packages have to offer if you believe these bundles are pricey. In case this wasn’t costly and uninteresting enough, they also have a business pro plan with features like high-level growth, targeted and non-targeted growth, organic growth, and more for 399 euros a month. Similar features, varying prices—quite unreliable, don’t you think?

Does SocialMonk offer a free trial?

It is disappointing and concerning that the company does not offer a free trial service. Why should I trust a company that I’ve never heard of? Who would be so credulous as to pay for an Instagram growth service upfront without giving it a trial run? Businesses that don’t provide free trials are inherently dangerous and unreliable.

Pros and Cons of Socialmonk

Advantages of Socialmonk

limited access 

I’ve noticed that there aren’t many bundles available on SocialMonk. This indicates that a set number of users can use their service each week. 

Disadvantages of Socialmonk


As you can see, the costs seem a little high for the services the website provides. Numerous additional sites exist that are comparable and far more dependable. 

Doesn’t provide you with sufficient details

Not even the packaging itself contains any information. All that’s visible when you visit the website are eye-catching colors and arbitrary information. The company’s website contains no genuine information.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials of Socialmonk

There aren’t many Trustpilot reviews for SocialMonk. It is strange because while most of the reviews are favorable, they all appear to be the same. I become highly wary of reviews like these and lose faith in the business. 

Socialmonk vs Flock Social

We wish to evaluate the business by contrasting it with other websites operating in the same industry. We’ll be contrasting Flock Social and SocialMonk today.

Service Offerings and Features 

Flock Social: Flock Social’s main goal is to assist you in developing an organic Instagram following. They provide some fantastic services that might increase your visibility on the network. They use focused marketing techniques to draw in sincere and committed fans and to attain long-term, significant growth.

Socialmonk: It is a tool for social media growth that increases your following. In contrast to Flock Social, they lack precise tactics and organic expansion.

Follower Quality

Flock Social: Getting authentic, engaged followers who are really interested in your material is their first priority. Additionally, they look for accounts that would like and comment on your postings.

Socialmonk: The majority of the engagement you receive from them comes from bots and false accounts, as they do not rely on organic development. 

Compatible with Instagram Rules

Flock Social: Flock Social has nothing against Instagram policy because its model is built on organic growth. Privacy concerns are not a concern when using Flock Social. 

Socialmonk: Bots and phony followers are the foundation of this company. In this manner, there’s a good probability Instagram will follow them and block your account as well. 

Long-Term Benefits

Flock Social: The services aid in the development of sincere relationships, which can benefit you in the long run and increase your online visibility.

Socialmonk: The majority of the followers you gain using their service will eventually vanish. Instagram works to purge the network of phony followers. 

The final conclusion for Socialmonk

Is SocialMonk legit?

To be quite honest, SocialMonk is not a real business. They employ bots and false followers to help you get more followers, which is the main cause of this. 

Can you get banned from using Social Monk?

It is possible that you will lose your SocialMonk account. Instagram prohibits the use of bots and phony followers; thus, utilizing either could result in your ban. When using this kind of platform, exercise extreme caution. 

Is SocialMonk worth the money paid? 

No, SocialMonk doesn’t deliver on its promises and is incredibly pricey. Furthermore, it is quite unfair to you to pay this much money for bots and phony followers. 

Can SocialMonk give you the results promised? 

So far, Socialmonk has not delivered on its promises of results. The bots and false followers, even if you manage to get them, will eventually disappear. 

Final verdict: Does Platypus recommend SocialMonk?

No, we don’t advise you to use SocialMonk. We would like to recommend that you use accounts other than SocialMonk because we are concerned about your safety and desires. Numerous websites, like Flock Social, can assist you in naturally gaining additional followers.