SocialMeep Review: Is It A Scam?

There are way too many Instagram growth services these days. And frankly, most of them are crap. 

When trying to choose a service, do not use the “eeny, meeny” method. Chances that you’ll hit a bad one are crazy high.

So, how does SocialMeep fare in terms of quality? It claims to be “the best Instagram growth tool,” but is there any truth to this claim?

I’ve taken it apart so that you can take a good, close look at it. Reading the following SocialMeep review could spare you a lot of trouble. Just saying!

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What is SocialMeep?

As I mentioned, SocialMeep is an Instagram growth service, a relatively new one for that matter. It claims to use AI-powered automation to get you real Instagram followers. Allegedly, no bots are involved in the process. 

My doubt meter is rising.

I am always suspicious of such statements, and you should be too. You wouldn’t believe how many companies lie about using bots. Or, more precisely, they lie about NOT using them. I’ll explain why in a minute.

I digress. Let’s get back to SocialMeep.

Right from the start, this service blew my mind, and not in a good way. They straight-up copied the entire website from Hypeauditor. The latter is a legitimate growth tool.

a screenshot taking from HypeAuditor website

SocialMeep tweaked the logo and the text a bit, but that’s it.

a screenshot taken from SocialMeep's website

This is not a positive sign.

The website looks amazing, and it might easily attract an inexperienced Instagrammer. And that’s probably who they’re after – newcomers. Anyone who’s been in the industry long enough surely knows about Hypeauditor. Those folks would run like hell from SocialMeep.

OK, so they’re copycats. It’s funny because they literally just put a cat over Hypeauditor’s logo. Despite their plagiaristic ways, can SocialMeep do you any good?

I’ll discuss that in the following section.

How Does SocialMeep Help You?

A better question is – can it help you at all? 

I’m not so sure about this.

It’s unclear whether the tool functions. The website is pretty messy, and many of the clickable links don’t take you anywhere. If you want to learn about a specific SocialMeet service in detail, you can’t. The info on the homepage is all that you’ll get.

The sign-up form works, though, which means that you should be able to register. You can create an account using your email—no Instagram password required, which is good. Once you’re in, you’ll have to connect your Instagram profile. 

Where do you go from there? 

Well, you can use some of the following features to try and boost your account. 

The features that I’m about to describe are just hearsay. I learned about them from fake SocialMeep reviews, because there are no real ones. I don’t know if the features even work, so take the following information with a grain of salt.


SocialMeep lets you target your audience by adjusting several parameters. The main two are hashtags and similar Instagram accounts. To be clear, you’ll be targeting the followers of those accounts.

You can also choose the number of followers/followings that your target profiles have. Other filters include age, gender, location, and the number of likes.

All of this seems pretty nice. Does it work, though?

I can’t say, because there are no customer testimonials to be found. If it does, then SocialMeep could allow you to pinpoint your ideal audience pretty well.

Automated Engagement

Do you remember SocialMeep’s claim about not using bots? 

Well, the menu on their website actually has an option called “Instagram bot.” Once you see it, you’ll probably think that the company uses bots. But, that’s (allegedly) not the case. 

Clicking on the option will take you to a new page where you can “preview growth.” It’s like a free demo, but I’m not sure whether it works. It’s confusing, I know.

Now, it’s unclear what it is that SocialMeep does. There’s no precise explanation of the engagement that it supposedly makes. They only use the term “micro-interactions” to describe their actions.

What does that even mean? 

Beats me.

But, since the word “bot” is in their dictionary, we don’t need to ask any further questions. Instagram doesn’t allow the use of botting technology. It will ban or action-block you if it catches you using it. 

That’s why many bot-based services lie about being “bot-less.” They want to fool you into thinking they’re using organic methods. Is this what SocialMeep is up to? Maybe yes, maybe no. I wouldn’t recommend you try it.

Live Growth Monitor

The tool says that it includes a live growth monitor that lets you track your progress. It should display the interactions that the app performed and your new followers. 


How much do SocialMeep’s shady operations cost?

There are two monthly subscriptions – Basic and Pro. They cost $49 and $99, respectively. Take a look at the picture below to see what they include.

a screenshot depicting the pricing plan of Social Meep

Is SocialMeep Worth It?

The odds that SocialMeep is legit are pretty slim. But, let’s say that you want to go against the odds. Let’s say that you want to try your luck with this service.

Here’s what you can expect.

The Good

SocialMeep offers a demo, so you can give it a go for free. All you need to do is sign up and connect your IG account. Like I said earlier, the tool doesn’t ask for your Instagram password, so it won’t compromise your profile. 

Their website, albeit a shameless copy, is https secure and SSL certified. Using the service probably won’t put your finances or personal data at risk.

The Bad

I’m going to repeat myself, but it can’t be overstated – SocialMeep stole Hypeauditor’s website

They modified it a teeny-weeny bit, but they kept most of the original information. They even kept the photo and the name of Hypeauditor’s CEO! 

Is that even legal? I don’t think it is.

Even if you can get past this issue, it’s not clear what SocialMeep can do for you. I mean, they say they’ll grow your profile, but how? That’s the missing piece of the puzzle. The service doesn’t clearly state what actions it takes to achieve that growth. 

How much do their shady operations cost?

There are two monthly subscriptions – Basic and Pro. They cost $49 and $99, respectively.

Is it worth the price? In my opinion, no. 

Again, you don’t actually know what you’ll be getting for the money. Perhaps nothing? I can’t say for sure, but that’s what it looks like to me.

There are many other Instagram growth tools to choose from. You can get a credible one for the same price, so why risk it with SocialMeep?

My final (negative) point is the lack of user reviews. There’s no trace of them anywhere on the internet. The company’s website has a bunch of fake ones, but I don’t even want to get started with that. As far as I’m concerned, no testimonials means no satisfied users.


Should you give SocialMeep a shot?

I strongly advise against it. 

From my research, I can only conclude that this service cannot be trusted. There are no ways to prove that they do what they claim. They’re copycats looking for an unsuspecting Instagram newcomer to hook and reel in. 

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