LikeSocial Reviews – What Is Behind the Scenes?

All brands, businesses, and performers know they should get serious about promoting on social media platforms. In almost all cases, Instagram dominates. It’s crowded with users who may see and like your content.

While Instagram was less competitive, getting followers was not that demanding.

But things have changed.

Almost any niche now seems to be oversaturated.

The encouraging info is that there is a slew of Instagram marketing tools that can help you. You just need to know where to look.

I’m there to separate the good from the bad. So, today, I’m back with reviewing another one of them – LikeSocial.

While doing research and reading LikeSocial reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Therefore, I decided to obtain the tool, if possible, and perform an in-depth assessment.

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What Is LikeSocial?

A screenshot taken from LikeSocial's website

LikeSocial is an Instagram bot.

To get a deeper understanding of how Instagram bots function, let’s go over its practices. Basically, it automates your activities. 

Which ones? 

It depends on the bot. Some basic ones perform automatic liking and following instead of you, while others also automate DMs and comments.

LikeSocial belongs to the former – more basic – category of the bots. It likes and follows people and claims to bring “real” people to your account. In reality, it’s interacting with many fake accounts.

And here’s the main thing about bots: they violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. So, whenever Instagram detects bot activity, your account is at high risk of getting banned.

Still, I wanted to try out LikeSocial and see how it compares to other bots. But turns out it doesn’t work anymore.

Even worse, it seems that they keep charging people every month for the service.

What happened to this bot?

Here’s what I could deduce from my research.

Firstly, LikeSocial operated from The website got shut down, and it’s not secure anymore. It seems that they switched to now, but the bot still doesn’t work.

They are being sued by Facebook for operating an “unlawful business.” Hopefully, the result of the suit will be a complete cancelation of the service, and they’ll issue refunds to people.

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How Does LikeSocial Work?

As I noted, LikeSocial doesn’t work anymore.

Before that, it used shady practices to attract followers and likes to your account.

It automated your activity – likes & follows/unfollows. It was too spammy and regularly interacted with fake accounts. It claimed to be “discrete” and “smooth,” but was the polar opposite of it.

How to Use LikeSocial?

You had to sign up from their website,, and choose the pricing plan you wanted.

Then, they would take you to your LikeSocial dashboard and ask you to specify your target audience by tags and choose the speed of the bot.

You weren’t allowed to use your Instagram account while the bot was on.

Features of LikeSocial

LikeSocial offered the following features:

Targeting Audience

They asked you to specify popular hashtags from your niche so that they could follow a specific audience. Also, you could blacklist tags and accounts you didn’t want to interact with.

While this strategy can be useful sometimes, it seems that LikeSocial didn’t make good use of it, and the actions were directed at random accounts.

Automated Activity

The bot performed very basic Instagram actions on your behalf:

  • Like
  • Follow
  • Unfollow

As I mentioned previously, it mostly engaged with fake accounts, even though it claimed to connect you with your target audience.

Additionally, it could perform activities at three speed levels: slow, normal, and fast. At slow speed, there was almost no activity from the bot. Normal and fast would get your account banned.

So, it was basically the lesser of two evils principle.


This was another one of their (unsuccessful) attempts to trick Instagram’s algorithm.

They advised you to set Auto-Pause every two hours for at least 30 minutes. Supposedly, this should have stopped Instagram from detecting bot activity on your account.

LikeSocial Pricing

As their new website, is experiencing bugs, and most of the pages cannot be found and indicate a 404 error, pricing plans aren’t visible.

From what I could learn, the tariff plans were monthly and weekly, and they weren’t overly expensive.

But still, what’s the use when it didn’t function the way it was supposed to?

They also offered a free 5-hour trial. Ironically, the tool would function only during that time frame. Also, it’s the shortest trial period I’ve seen – probably because they couldn’t get it to work longer than that.

Plus, there was no way to cancel your subscription, and they would overcharge you. The only way to cancel a payment was to block your credit card.

Is LikeSocial Legit?

A firm no.

LikeSocial is a firm that is anything but a legit business.

Firstly, their bot was overly aggressive. It spammed other users and brought mostly fake followers and likes to your account.

The consequence was that Instagram temporarily blocked your account activity or even banned the whole account for a certain period.

But the biggest problem was that they stole money from their customers. Once the service stopped working, they would continue to regularly charge those who had already bought one of the packages.

They didn’t respond to complaints or issue refunds.

This is a staple of fraudulent activity, and I’m pretty sure the service is going to be canceled in the near future.

Is LikeSocial Safe?

Again no.

LikeSocial isn’t safe for your credit card and Instagram account. Their old website,, is not secure, and it could steal your information.

Reviews on websites such as prove the same point. You will lose your money, and possibly your Instagram account, if you sign up for LikeSocial services.


It was available on a number of platformsDoesn’t work, but keeps charging customers
Puts your IG account at risk
Interacts with fake accounts
The company seems to be an intricate scam
Unresponsive customer support
Refuse to issue refunds

LikeSocial Reviews: Final Verdict

It’s time to make a final remark in the name of all LikeSocial Instagram reviews online: this tool is a complete scam.

It seems to have been rebranded to, but it’s still a fraud – a classic bot with shady practices that will get your account banned due to fake followers. They continue to charge their customers even though the service doesn’t work. That’s why Facebook issued a lawsuit against it.

The one thing that fuels your Instagram profile is traffic. No matter how great your content is, it won’t make you any headway alone. You need something to boost your organic reach. A tool that will be your secret weapon.

Therefore, I suggest you refrain from bots and check out some LikeSocial alternatives I mentioned in the table below. They don’t bring you fake followers, like LikeSocial and other Instagram bots do, but real ones – those that come to stay.

Top 10 Instagram Bots

For LikeSocial alternatives that will not get your account banned, check out the table below! We’ve tried and tested many over the years to pick out ones that work the best.

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