Glow Creators – Is It Worth Checking Out, Or Are There Better Options?

There are many deceiving projects circling around the Internet – especially those involving NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. A major part of the reason why so many people feel discouraged to get into this field is exactly that: 

They fear getting scammed and being cheated out of their money.

And in cases like these, we take it upon ourselves to try out a service and see what it’s all about – is it worth your time and money, and should you have some doubts about giving it a try.

We’ve done that with the Glow Creators, too – and we’re bringing you all the relevant info that we’ve managed to collect.

A screenshot of the main page of Glow Creators.

Not only will this info help you understand what “Creators” is and how it works, but if it’s worth your hard-earned (and potentially non-refundable) resources, as well.

That’s it for the introduction, though. Now, let’s jump straight into it – and see if Glow Creators is something you need to keep on your radar!

What Is Glow Creators?

A screenshot showing a brief explanation about Glow Creators on the official Glow website.

A lot of generic decentralized exchange platforms are floating around the Internet, and most look alike – but there are a few that don’t fit the narrative. Those are the platforms that we are looking forward to getting into – and Glow Creators is one of them.

Take services such as Patreon, YouTube, or Only Fans as an example here. When you use one of these services, the creators – and the platform, of course – are the only ones to get something out of it and earn money. 

But people behind Glow Creators have thought of a way to change that and allow you to support your favorite creators – and get something in return. 

We’re not going to get into the technicalities right now since we are going to go into heavy detail about how the Glow Creators dApp works, so don’t worry.

For now, let’s focus on the basics – and see what Glow Creators is.

Let’s take a look at a definition:

Glow Creators is a decentralized application (dApp) with a no-loss principle for stakeholders. The idea is to enable creators by leveraging yield to align incentives, making everyone – the patrons and creators alike – a winner. 

The idea is simple: 

Patrons are able to support their favorite content creators, as they do with any other service of this kind. However, with Glow Creators, subsidizing these creators doesn’t imply losing money; instead, supporters earn money from each deposit they make.

Now that we have a foundation to work with – a definition of sorts – let’s see how this approach can be beneficial.

The short version of the answer would be – everybody wins.

If you have a content creator – or multiple creators – that you support to the core, you’d probably want to assist them and their work financially, as well. But wouldn’t it be nice to get something in return? 

That’s what Glow Creators offers – a chance for the supporter to win something back and earn a yield on the deposit you make.

Now that you know what to expect let’s jump into some more technical details.

How Does Glow Creators Work?

A screenshot showing the start of the application for Glow Creators.

The technical details we’re about to discuss may seem complicated at first – but they’re not. It all comes down to several mechanisms that are active at all times and allow supporters to become active earners while “assisting” their favorite creators. 

That’s the best possible outcome for both parties, and the supporters don’t feel like the monetary gain is one-sided.

How does this work exactly?

Well, there are a few mechanisms (for lack of a better word) we have to talk about here.

The first thing we must mention is available staking that’s present while supporting your favorite creators. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you deposit $100 and decide to support a creator with $10 from the sum you deposited initially.

You, as a supporter, will earn a percentage of what you’ve deposited every month. The yield you have made from last month will now be available to withdraw or continue supporting your favorite creators.

You earn yield for the total amount of UST you own – meaning the amount that you’ve deposited plus the percentage you earn each month from staking.

This mechanism gives supporters a sense of control – and that’s because they are. They act as a revenue stream for their favorite creators, but they make money doing so. 

It’s one of the best ways to have your cake and eat it, too – and it’s equally beneficial for creators and supporters alike. The core idea is the no-loss principle for all stakeholders.

Now, we’ve mentioned that Glow Creators’ main features include social tokens, pools, and NFTs – so, let’s see what these features are all about, shall we?

Glow Creators: Three Key Features Explained 

As you know by now, Glow Creators is a decentralized app designed to allow content creators to monetize their audience – and reward them at the same time. 

This dApp essentially offers three key features

  • Social Tokens – Content creators get to create their own tokens and set the initial value low enough so that virtually all their supporters can buy them. 
  • Pools – These “pools” are similar to having a subscription in Patreon, for example, but here, it’s crypto-based, and creators aren’t the only ones earning money; supporters do, as well. 
  • NFTs – You’re probably familiar with the concept of NFTs. Well, Glow Creators makes it possible for creators to make their own NFTs, as well – which could skyrocket in value. 

Now, let’s be honest here: 

Have you ever heard of a platform that allows creators and supporters to earn money in several different ways, making everyone a winner? 

Most platforms (Patreon and OnlyFans, to name a few) were developed with content creators in mind since they’re the ones that generate revenue streams. Glow Creators shifts that focus a bit and makes the supporters a part of the equation, aligning incentives.

That’s the whole point: 

Both creators and supporters get some monetary gain out of it!

Is Glow Creators Legit Or Scam?

A sign that says “Scam Alert.”

There’s no worse feeling than getting scammed online for your money – especially when talking about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. And as we said earlier, most people give up the whole crypto thing before they even get a chance to see any profits.

The worst part is that those same people will then talk about the crypto world like it’s all a scam – without even bothering to learn the full truth. 

That makes our job of setting the record straight regarding Glow Creators even more important.

A lot of factors need to be considered when it comes to determining if something is worth your time and money or not. That especially goes for projects that include cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs.

Well, we can confidently conclude that Glow Creators is as safe as a decentralized application of this nature can be.

Nobody can tell you with certainty that your earnings will skyrocket overnight; such cases are on the level of a statistical error. That doesn’t imply that you should get discouraged, though.

Give Glow Creators a bit of time to gain enough traction – and there’s no doubt that stakeholders will reap the benefits of its no-loss principle. 

Glow Creators, Is It Worth It? – Conclusion

Now that we’ve answered some burning questions regarding Glow Creators, it’s time to wrap things up and see if this dApp is worth it. 

The fact that it’ll take some time for a dApp such as this to grow and become relevant remains – but that doesn’t make it any less worth the wait. It merely implies that you will primarily have to invest time to see results in terms of potential returns. 

While this should go without saying, there’s always an aspect of luck when it comes to these things. That’s another thing to keep in mind here. 

However, if you have at least basic knowledge and understanding of decentralized finance and the market revolving around it, you’ll be fine.

Much like the rest of the Glow yield ecosystem that seems to be gaining plenty of traction, their Glow Creators dApp is yet another revolutionary concept to keep an eye on. You might want to jump this train as soon as it leaves the station – which, by the way, should be in the first quarter of 2022.