Instazood Reviews: Is It Legit? Announcing the Truth

Featured image depicting the website of Instazood Growth Service

The tech and marketing space grows every day, and more and more tools come into existence. One of them are Instagram bots designed to automate and grow your Instagram account.

Instazood is an Instagram bot with a promising name. 

Online Instazood reviews seem to be a bit outdated: some claim that this Insta bot worked for them for the last time around 2018, while the newer ones are ambiguous.

That’s why we’ve decided to lay our hands on it and shed some light on the truth with this Instazood review. Is it really a shadow of what it used to be?

What is Instazood?

A screenshot taken from Instazood's website

In theory, Instazood is an Instagram bot, and it should grow your Instagram profile by removing the barrier between you and your target followers.

Insta bots do this in a couple of ways, from automatic messaging, likes, and custom comments, to advanced analytics. It all depends on the bot platform.

Unfortunately, Instazood services seem not to work for Instagram anymore, though the tool’s been around for ages. From the problems it encountered back in 2018 to this day, it hasn’t been able to recover.

That’s probably the reason why they are trying to promote their TikTok services, which is fair enough – 2020 really saw the rise of this platform.

But still, there’s the crux of the problem: they aren’t TikTok-zood. Most of the users consider getting this tool for Instagram and then get disappointed (including us). And secondly, they still promise Instagram services that don’t work.

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How Does Instazood Work?

The main idea behind Instazood is to catch other users’ attention to your Instagram profile. It should accomplish it by promoting your content and interacting with other users. You should also have access to the settings and fill in your goals, target niche, preferred country, etc.

Did you notice we kept using the word “should”?

That’s because those features don’t really work the way they are supposed to – but more on that in a second.

Instazood Features

With Instazood not working on Instagram anymore, let’s see what features they offer (at least on paper), and what problems we’ve encountered along the way.

Customizing the Settings

As we noted above, you should be able to set the tool so that it automatically finds your target audience.

For example, you can select the filters such as “gender,” “maximum amount of followers,” “minimum posts,” “media age” for the users it should interact with.

Also, there’s an option to skip accounts with a web site or with a phone number (the latter isn’t really useful).

However, once you set all the changes and save them, they are gone. Back to default. 

Even if the other features worked, we can’t imagine how tiresome it would be to change the settings over and over again each time you reopened the bot.


They also offer proxy servers, which don’t directly grow your Instagram but can be useful.

It’s good for users who want to bypass country limitations by hiding their real IP address. When you change your location, you can learn more about the trends going on in a specific area of interest.

Sadly, their proxy didn’t work, either. It was unresponsive, and when we performed IP address checks, they confirmed the malfunction.

Instagram Account Managing

A long time ago, when we tried Instazood (and it worked), it was fairly easy to connect your Instagram account to the service.

As we’ve now tried it out on multiple accounts to ensure that the results were genuine, we concluded that the process hasn’t been so straightforward anymore.

On a couple of attempts to connect with an Instagram account, we got a message “no matching options.” Another one took around an hour to connect.

Follow and Unfollow

This two-way feature should follow users who post stuff similar to yours and auto-unfollow those that don’t follow you back. It’s a simple feature that often works very well in terms of boosting an individual’s account.

However, Instazood’s whitelist for unfollows becomes unavailable after you restart the tool.

That said, it even followed some accounts that did not correspond to the filters we set.


Instagram bots also often use hashtags to generate the list of users who follow specific hashtags related to you. After all, hashtags are one of the best ways to organize Instagram posts.

When we selected “search by hashtags” on Instazood, it always showed an error.

Scheduled Posts

Hands down, scheduled posts are one of our favorite Instagram bot features. By publishing photos, videos, and stories at the appropriate time of the day, you get more people to view them. This leads to your profile appearing in the “discover” section more often, and it attracts followers.

Therefore, we were quite disappointed when the function went down on multiple occasions, and scheduled posts were not published.

Pricing of Instazood

Let’s see how much it costs to use Instazood for Instagram:

So, the basic Instagram Bot package contains all of the popular Insta features (follow, unfollow, hashtags, and so on). 

Bear in mind that the price on the picture ($11.99 per month) is valid only if you decide to buy their yearly package. For a monthly subscription, you’d have to pay the price of $14.99 a month.

The same goes for their TikTok Bot.

And now let’s take a glance at the pricing of some additional features:

As you can see, you have to pay separately for specialized features, starting from $9.99 to $14.99 per month. A deal-breaker? Might not be, had the features actually worked.

The basic Insta Bot package would be enough to give you a solid Instagram boost before you get some of the additional features they offer. However, as these don’t work, it’s unnecessary to further discuss whether the pricing is fair.

They offer a free 3-day trial for any package.

We also want to add that we weren’t able to get a refund, even though we had proof that the Instagram services were not working.

Is Instazood Legit?

Here’s our main red flag of Instazood – their management is not transparent. After encountering the issues, we wanted to contact their customer support. They weren’t available in real-time.

You can contact them only via an email form, with the promise that they’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours.

We also weren’t able to find authentic reviews on its website. 

What does this mean?

There are no genuine accounts that have used the service – like real Instagram usernames, or brands – that would confirm that our negative experience with the tool was an exception. It was suspicious to us even before we tried out Instazood, but we decided not to be skeptical beforehand. Turns out it was a real sign something’s wrong.

By the way, it did not happen to us, but some customers on TrustPilot claimed that they were even charged twice for a service that does not work.

Is Instazood Safe?

Well, yes and no.

By this, we mean that most likely nothing will happen to your account if you just try it out. But in case you do manage to get one of the Instagram features working (as in, use them actively), Instagram may label your account “aggressive/spam” and block it.

We believe Instazood not working is a result of a change in management (as we weren’t able to actually reach them or chat with them). There are also some allegations that they have been hacked. Maybe the new Instagram algorithm does not correspond to the structure of the bot.

Regardless of the cause, they haven’t been able to come with an efficient solution.

In short – you won’t lose your Instagram account the moment you install Instazood or something like that. But it may result in blocking your Instagram. Plus, you will lose your money, as it doesn’t work, and it’s unlikely that you will get a refund. That’s why we label the tool unsafe for the most part.


Relatively cheapUnresponsive management
Features not working
They are pushing TikTok services to hide the fact that Instagram features don’t work anymore
Risk of getting banned
You’re unlikely to get a refund
The proxy doesn’t work

Final Verdict

In today’s Instazood review, we’ve laid out to you everything we’ve learned about this tool.

Can Instazood do everything it promises? Unfortunately, no.

Considering its relatively low price tag for basic features, we were excited to try it out and reach the final verdict. But Instagram automation has a lot of bugs, and, ultimately, does not work. We then tried contacting their management, but no luck there, either.

TikTok features? Maybe. But considering how quickly Instagram features deteriorated, you should probably avoid it, especially when there are better tools out there.
No bot can do everything (yet), but you should primarily aim for those that aren’t a scam. There are some safe alternatives that are known to drive the desired engagement to you.

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