Stormproxies Review – How Good Are Its Features? The Truth

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Several months ago, I started using Stormproxies. 

Because there’re almost no unbiased reviews about this company online, I decided to write a comprehensive Stormproxies review.

Even though Storm Proxies has been around for a few years now, opinions about its quality vary.

So, how good is Stormproxies?

Time to find out!

Stormproxies Short Overview:

Here’s a quick summary for all you busy beavers:

Unlimited bandwidthNo live chat available
24 hours money-back guaranteeYou can’t choose city or country
No user/password authentication
No SOCKS protocol
Small proxy pool

Top Stormproxies Alternatives:

ProviderOur RatingPrice
Proxyland4.7 Check Price
Luminati4.0Check Price
Smartproxy3.7Check Price

What is Stormproxies and How Does It Help You?

A screenshot showing Stormproxies’s homepage

Stormproxies are undoubtedly a familiar name in the proxy industry. They have been around for five years now and have a huge and loyal customer base.

As I was able to find out, the company was founded by a group of SEO experts. 

Stormproxies offers three types of proxies:

  • General dedicated proxies;
  • Dedicated rotating proxies and,
  • Residential rotating proxies.

Stormproxies has a tiny pool of residential proxies – only 40,000 IPs available. That’s nothing compared to bigger players such as Luminati or Oxylabs.

On the other hand, they offer rotating IPs (with every request or every 3-15 minutes) from a pool of over 200,000 fresh datacenter IPs.

Moreover, they have multiple different proxies for ticket sites, sneaker sites, social media platforms, and Pokemon Go.

Nonetheless, the company has many limitations. Their proxy pool is small; they have limited configuration options and a very simple dashboard.

You also can’t target a specific city or country. 

You can only choose between EU or USA proxies, a mixture of both, or worldwide proxies.

In addition, user/password authentication is not available, and they only support HTTP protocol and no SOCKS.

Despite all of their drawbacks, their proxies work amazingly well.

Stormproxies’s proxies can help you in many use cases, like:

  • Email protection
  • Travel fare aggregation
  • Web scraping and crawling
  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Product page intelligence
  • Bulk accounts registration
  • Traffic bots
  • Brand protection
  • Ad verification
  • Data verification
  • Market research
  • SEO monitoring

Important Note: You can’t use their proxies for illegal actions such as hacking or torrent sites. They’ll block your account, and you won’t be able to get a refund. 

How Stormproxies Works?

Stormproxies has an easy-to-use dashboard, and their website is pretty straightforward.

If you want to start using Stormproxies, here are the required steps:

  1. Go to their official website (;
  2. Click on the LOGIN button;
  3. Click on SIGN UP and create your account using your email address, full name, and password;
  4. Choose a price plan as well;
  5. You can also add a discount coupon if you have one;
  6. After that, enter your IP address;
  7. Choose a proxy location and a gateway (main, 3-minutes, or 15-minutes gateway);
  8. Click on SAVE CHANGES and wait 15 minutes for it to save and configure all the settings.

Stormproxies Features

Stormproxies doesn’t offer a lot of features like other premium proxy providers.

Here are the main ones listed on their website:

Unlimited Bandwidth

The feature Stormproxies is known for is definitely unlimited bandwidth. As they claim, there are no additional costs and no limits to web trafficking.

Fresh IPs

Stormproxies offers fresh new IPs with every new HTTP request. They have a pool of 200,000 private datacenter IPs, and they replace the entire pool of IPs every seven days.

So, the chances of getting caught using Stormproxies are meager.

Automatic and Instant Delivery

With Stormproxies, you don’t have to wait on proxy setup or account activation in order to use their proxies. They’re available right after you pay.

3 Minute and 15 Minute Proxies

Besides instant delivery of fresh IPs every five minutes, the company also has 3-minute and 15-minute proxies. Each type of proxy changes IP automatically in the given time.

3-minute proxies are more suited for regular browsing or social sites. In contrast, 15-minute proxies are better for longer sessions.

High Speed and Performance

Each Stormproxies proxy has a 1GB network speed. They claim their proxies are optimized for high-performance and multi-threaded tools.

From my experience, I can tell you they have acceptable scraping performance and average response time. 

24 Hours Money-Back Guarantee

Stormproxies doesn’t offer a free trial, but it provides a money-back guarantee. However, not all the plans have a 24 hours guarantee.

The cheapest plans from each package, as well as sneaker proxies, have 24-hour or 

2-hour money-back guarantee. 

But the most expensive plans are not refundable.

24/7 Customer Support

Unfortunately, Stormproxies don’t have any sort of live chat available. 

That’s one of their most significant disadvantages. I have to say that their communication method is a bit old-fashioned.

Nevertheless, they do have very helpful customer support, which typically answers within the first 24 hours.

Stormproxies Costs and Pricing Plans

Here are all the Stormproxies tariff plans:

A screenshot showing Stormproxies’s residential rotating proxies price plans
A screenshot showing Stormproxies’s dedicated rotating proxies price plans
A screenshot showing Stormproxies’s dedicated private proxies price plans

Stormproxies’s packages go from as little as $15 up to $2200 a month.

Also, as you can see from the images above, Stormroxies doesn’t charge per bandwidth. 

They have unlimited bandwidth for each package.

And that’s great; I’ll give them that.

However, they also have a limited number of ports, threads (concurrent connections), and IPs for each price plan. 

For example, the cheapest residential plan costs $50 per month, and it only offers 5 ports. That’s $10 per port, which is a bit pricey for the features they’re offering.

You can find cheaper proxy providers that offer much more products and different features. 

Proxyland is one of them – you can use 10GB of data for as little as $29 a month. 

Is Stormproxies Legit?

Based on my experience and many other reviews on trustworthy sites like Trustpilot, Stormproxies is a legit and safe company.

Their payment gateways are secured, and their customer support usually responds within the first 24 hours.

They also have a refund policy, and they openly display every piece of information regarding their services on their official website.

Top Stormproxies Alternatives

Although Stormproxies’s prices seem low-cost, I think it’s not worth using their services in the long run.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, but it seems they’re charging a hefty fee for a few basic features and a limited number of threads and IPs per package.

There are other proxy providers that offer a wider variety of features and products for less money.

One of them is Proxyland. They offer high-quality services, no significant monthly commitments, and affordable packages.

With Proxyland, you’ll also have:

  • Pay as you go option
  • More than 10 million fresh residential  IPs
  • Custom packages
  • Huge discounts for bulk
  • Sticky sessions
  • User/password authentication
  • IP whitelisting
  • Multiple different features
  • Proxies available worldwide
  • Straightforward dashboard
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • 99,99% network uptime
ProviderOur RatingPrice
Proxyland4.7 Check Price
Luminati4.0Check Price
Smartproxy3.7Check Price

Stormproxies Pros and Cons

Let’s wrap up with all the positive and negative aspects of Stormproxies in one place:

Unlimited bandwidthOnly HTTP protocol available
Straightforward dashboardCS is only available through email
Available refundYou can’t choose the location
No unlimited concurrent connections
No user/password authentication
A small pool of residential IPs
A limited number of features

Final Verdict

In the end, should you give Stormproxies a try?

Honestly, I’d advise you to look for some other proxy provider.

Stormproxies is not that bad altogether, but it lacks features and has many limitations. And I definitely think you can find a quality proxy provider for a more affordable price.

For example, Proxyland’s services are outstanding, and the best part is that everyone can afford them.