Geosurf Review – Is The Service Legit? Learn The Truth Now

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Are you looking for a firsthand, in-depth Geosurf review?

If the answer is affirmative, you’re in the right place. 

Today, you’ll learn:

  • What products does Geosurf offer?
  • How safe are Geosurf’s proxies?
  • Is the service expensive?
  • What are the best Geosurf’s alternatives?

Let’s get started!

Geosurf Short Overview:

Here are the key aspects of Geosurf if you don’t have time to read the entire thing:

Numerous locations worldwideExpensive
Reliable proxiesNot suited for solopreneurs or smaller businesses
CS doesn’t have a live chat
Limited bandwidth
No SOCKS protocol

Top Geosurf Alternatives:

ProviderOur RatingPrice
Proxyland4.7 Check Price
Luminati4.0Check Price
Smartproxy3.7Check Price

What is Geosurf and How Does It Help You?

A screenshot of Geosurf’s homepage

Geosurf was founded by BiScience in 2009. The company’s headquarters are in Tel-Aviv in Israel.

Geosurf offers more than 2 million residential IPs, which cover almost every city in the world.

The company offers:

  • Rotating Residential Proxies
  • Static Residential Proxies
  • Desktop VPN
  • Mobile VPN

Since we’re here for their proxy services, I’m only going to cover them. 

Rotating proxies are an excellent choice for large-scale data scraping, while static proxies are more suited for sneaker shopping. 

Your ideal proxy type will depend on your particular needs. 

Geosurf also offers specialized proxies for ad verification and Instagram. 

I can tell you right away they’re just like any other residential IP – there’s nothing special about them.

However, their steep prices say otherwise. But I’ll talk more about that later on.

You can use geosurf for various use cases, such as:

  • SEO and SERP analysis
  • Ad verification
  • Social media automation
  • Data scraping
  • Price comparison
  • Retail (Craigslist, sneaker bots, etc.)
  • Affiliate link verification
  • Travel fare, etc.

Now that we got all that covered, scroll down to see how Geosurf works.

How Geosurf Works?

To get started with Geosurf, you’ll have to fill in the form on their website, which includes:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Country

After that, you’ll receive an email from Geosurf’s salesman. 

You’ll need to schedule an appointment and talk via Skype with one of their staff members in order to choose your desired plan.

Only then will you be able to access your proxies. It’s a bit complicated and takes a lot of time, that’s for sure.

Geosurf Features

Geosurf doesn’t differ that much from any other proxy provider. 

Take a look at its main features:

Large Coverage

Geosurf offers 2 million residential proxies in over 130 countries in the world. In addition, they cover more than 1700 cities worldwide, which is impressive.

Their top proxy locations are: USA, India, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Built-in Rotation API

Geosurf’s proxies are backconnect and can rotate every 1, 10, or 30 minutes (sticky sessions). You can easily set the time frame in your dashboard.

If you opt for rotating sessions, Geosurf will provide you new, fresh IPs with every new request.

Elegant Dashboard

Geosurf’s dashboard is elegant and straightforward to use. 

You can monitor your data usage, change your password, whitelist IPs, access gateways, add credits and upgrade.

The only downside here is that there’s no live chat for customer support – you can only contact them via email.

In addition, there are filters for country and city targeting, but you can’t choose ASN or carrier.

HTTP and HTTPS protocols

Geosurf supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, but no SOCKS protocol.

Therefore, if you want to use Geosurf for torrenting or gaming, I’d advise you to look for another proxy provider.

Both Authentication Methods

The company offers both authentication methods:

  1. User/password authentication
  2. IP whitelisting

This means you can access your proxies much faster and with a higher level of security. 

Unfortunately, you can’t create sub-users, so reselling is not an option. 

Fast Connection

From my experience, Geosurf has a very stable and fast network connection. Their proxies showed high success rates in all of my target websites.

Unlimited IPs and Concurrent Connections

Geosurf provides you with an unlimited number of IPs, threads, and locations. With every request getting a new IP address, it is almost impossible to get caught.

However, you only get that with the most expensive tariff plans. 

Lastly, their bandwidth is limited in each package. So, if you require additional GB, you have to upgrade to a bigger plan.

Geosurf Costs and Pricing Plans

Take a look at Geosurf’s price plans:

A screenshot of Geosurf’s pricing plans

As I was able to find out on their official website, they don’t offer a refund under any circumstances. 

However, they do have some sort of free trial, and you can cancel any time you like.

As for their prices, they’re too expensive. 

They charge per bandwidth, and as you can see, their cheapest plan starts at $450 a month for 38 GB. 

That’s almost $12 for 1GB.

I personally find that way out of my budget, as many other people do too. Smaller businesses or solopreneurs don’t stand a chance with Geosurf.

There are proxy providers that offer top-notch quality for a much smaller price. 

Proxyland is one of them – they charge $2.9 per 1GB. That’s four times cheaper than Geosurf.

Is Geosurf Legit?

Aside from the fact that Geosurf really needs to update its website and correct smaller grammar and spelling mistakes, the company is legit.

Their website is HTTPS secure, along with their payment gateways.

Even though there’s no live chat, their customer support is very helpful and has a decent response time. 

Moreover, their FAQ section is impressive, and testimonials on their website seem quite legit.

The only problem I have with Geosurf is their ridiculously high prices.

Top Geosurf Alternatives

Geosurf has been around for a long time – it’s safe to say it’s an old-timer. The company is trustworthy and has many loyal customers.

However, the fact that this company charges a hefty fee for a few basic features causes many people to turn their heads the other way.

I mean, they’re not budget-friendly, and it seems like they only target big corporations who can spend millions of dollars for proxies.

But the good thing is that there are many equally good proxy providers on the market. Proxyland, for example, is as good as Geosurf, only four-time cheaper.

Proxyland proxy service offers:

  • No big commitments
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • Almost 100% uptime
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Affordable price plans
  • Custom price plans
  • Huge discounts for bulk
  • A large pool of residential IPs
  • Data monitoring
  • Wide variety of usage (SEO monitoring, web scraping, travel fare, etc.)
  • IP whitelisting
  • User/password authentication
  • Available locations worldwide
ProviderOur RatingPrice
Proxyland4.7 Check Price
Luminati4.0Check Price
Smartproxy3.7Check Price

Geosurf Pros and Cons

Geosurf has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s compare them:

Straightforward dashboardCS available only via email and Skype
High anonymity is guaranteedIt takes time to get started
Big monthly commitments
It isn’t suited for small or mid-sized companies
Not for individuals
No unlimited bandwidth

Final Verdict

All in all, Geosurf didn’t disappoint me. 

The service can measure up with other premium companies on the market, even though it doesn’t offer fancy features.

Geosurf’s services are safe, and there’s no way you’ll get caught using their IPs. Their proxies are well-performing and fast, and you can target almost any city in the world.

Nevertheless, I still think their services are way overpriced for the limited number of features it offers.

That makes Geosurf practically inaccessible to individuals and smaller companies.

You can definitely find more affordable alternatives which are as good as Geosurf. Proxyland is one of them, so don’t hesitate to test it out today!